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The Diplomacy of Selling Your Old Car

If you’re selling your old car, you should be ready for a kind of a psychological battle with your customer. The process of negotiation is like a dance - it takes two for a successful deal that would satisfy both. One of you wants to sell a car for a good price, and the other wants to buy one and pay the least amount possible. You both need to agree on some point, but what this price will depend on how good both of you are at negotiation.

You, as the seller, are interested in receiving the most from your car. Your goal is not to let the customer push on you in reducing the price. However, the atmosphere between you two shouldn't be hostile - no one will purchase anything from a person associated with any kind of negativity. Even negative emotion sells but it’s shouldn't be you to provoke it.

How to Act and Bargain When You Sell a Car

If you want to sell your car for cash with a good profit, you need to know a bit more about the sales psychology. Our tips will help you understand how to act with your customers without going deep into this subject. The basics you need to know are written below.

Be nice but confident

Smile, be kind and approachable. Everybody wants to deal with pleasant people. But it’s very important not to be too flattering or annoying. You shouldn't make an impression of a person who butters a potential customer - this often causes rejection. Be nice but with dignity. A customer should realize that you aren't desperately trying to sell your junk - your car is good, the price is adequate, you are sure in it and will easily sell it to anyone else if this deal fails.

Don’t be silent

Speak about your car to your customer. Without your introduction, your car won’t stand out from the row of others. As your customer examines the car’s details, tell him or her its history - whether it was in accidents, what details were changed and when what services did you perform. Don’t lie to your customer, if something raised questions - tell the truth and explain why it’s like this. Don’t overpraise your car - let the customer make this conclusion himself.

Never be afraid to bargain

If you agree on a low price right away, this will raise suspicions about some hidden serious problems. Your start price should be a bit more than you expect to receive to give you the ability to negotiate without losing much. You can reduce the price gradually and appeal to the fact that although the car is not new, its condition is good. If your customer is very stubborn and demands a price reduction for each little drawback they notice, stand firm on the fact that all of them were considered when establishing the selling price.

Be mindful when test-driving

You know your car like nobody else, so you can demonstrate all its benefits to a customer while test-driving. You can also avoid difficult situations on the road when your car can show itself not from its best side. But be careful and don’t demonstrate aggressive driving even if you want to impress your customer. Buying cars from aggressive drivers is not a popular idea, because such driving is very exhausting for the vehicle and wears many vital parts of it very fast.

No matter what was the result of negotiation, stay polite and humble till the end. This person may look through many offers of used cars, and of someone else will be rude or sneaky to him, he will remember about you and may change his mind.

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