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I try not to appear too exhausted when my toddler trio (ages 2, 4 and 5) come to me seeking mommy's love and attention, and wanting to do some sort of special activity, just the 4 of us.

Their little eyes and minds get so impressed watching mommy take a flat sheet of paper from her printer as I drag myself away from work tasks for a brief moment to also enjoy their always entertaining company. For days like this, I often turn to a quick and easy little origami craft which never ceases to amaze them; and once I have folded enough boxes for each of my littlest daughters, they happily take the boxes away leaving me with several quiet moments to answer a couple emails before I choose to forget work for the rest of day.

If you are looking for a quick, easy, no-cutting, no-mess, no-clean-up craft to do with young and old children, check this little origami box out.

My toddler trio (ages 2 to 5) sure love doing fun activities with me, like most toddlers love to do with the parents they admire and look up to. My little girlies are always nearby, and my 2 year old has found numerous ways to get my undivided attention… even if that means sitting on my computer keyboard.

Oftentimes my workflow is interrupted by their beautiful little smiles and a tug on my clothing as one of them (or all of them) come over to me with a book or flash cards, or just the yearning for mommy’s hugs or bright ideas.

One of those bright ideas that I frequently turn to is folding these little origami boxes [which the children absolutely just love!]. Once they each have a box created just for them, they will turn away to enjoy filling it with pocket-sized toys and dolls such as the usual kid-craze LOL Surprise dolls or shopkins set, such as this one.

Creating one of these neat little boxes takes less than 2 minutes, costs about $0.05 each if you use plain copy paper, or absolutely free if you just take a bright colorful page from an old magazine! I actually use these to organize the nick-nacks in my office drawer too 

See my quick video below or follow the simple steps displayed in the images!


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Feel free to subscribe if you are cool with getting little ideas like these arriving in your inbox every now and then. Have a wonderful week and I hope that throughout this difficult time in the world you are finding ways to smile and being patient as humanity evolves to defeat all it is facing.

Peace and love,


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