They say when the going gets tough you need too get back up and keep on fighting those demons. Well that’s what I thought unfortunately some things don’t always go as planned and you can screw up royally which I have and kicking myself for it I know that things will get better but having a lot of stress sure sucks being a stay at home mom and wife  isn’t always easy and I know this I feel as if sometimes I’m a failure I feel like I can never do enough too please the ones I love. Do I know they love me yes, but it’s always gonna run though my head am I ever good enough. I know that that’s not what my family thinks but it’s how I think most of the time. I’m sure people on here will think oh boohoo but it’s not the case not a lot of people see it that stay at home parents feel just as stressed and pressured as the ones who work. I know a lot of you out there are thinking yeah right she probably just sits around doing nothing, you see the thing is this mama makes sure the kids get up and get ready for school get them on the bus, run errands,clean house, do the laundry, dishes ,cook food, we work just as hard, I can’t believe that I’m saying all this I have never been so open about a lot and now I’m coming out of my shell and comfort zone. Well as I sit here venting about how I feel I’m sure there a lot of people out there who can relate too of feeling like this. I hope everyone has a great night and stays safe and don’t forget too I love you to your loved ones

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