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I cannot be the only one…who finds them self disenchanted with their experience as a newbie Mama to public elementary school.  I have a variety of different reasons for my less than enthused feelings, one is the fact that the principle has already called me at work, got me really worried, and then dismissed the whole point of the call as "nothing really," and now I can add the first report card to my kindergarten dismay.

The impression I am making with that opening paragraph is that is that my delightful Sonny Boy didn’t get good marks, which would be incorrect, he didn’t get bad marks he received Satisfactory marks in almost every section.  With the exception of the “N” for Needs work in fine motor skills (his handwriting is a tell of his future as a prescription writing doctor), his teacher didn’t feel that he is exceeding any expectations or is outstanding in any of the weighed parameters on the report card. Come on…he isn’t a little above average in anything…joining in social interactions is one of the categories for crying out loud.

I know as a parent we are biased, our children are the BEST at read the rest of my report card woes, please visit me here: I Cannot be the Only One...

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