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The Fruitful Highway to a Rapid Weight Loss

Most of us know that fruits are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy life style is achieved through a balanced diet which can help us to lose weight through appropriate meals. But the problem is that there are a lot of choices in the fruits that we have to make. If we go to a super market, the sections are filled up with various types of fruits and thus the confusion arises which type of fruit will enable us to lose weight rapidly.

Like for example, many people avoid bananas, sweet corns etc. thinking that they are fattening and will add up to our weight. While there are others who think that grapefruit, lemon and other citric fruits can help lose weight effectively.

What’s the Truth about fruit and Veg?

Consuming a lot of fruits is vital for both, a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight. Most of the fruits are low-calorie, have less content of fat in them and are high in fibre content. These three are the most important ingredients for a rapid weight loss. Whereas most of them contain ample amount of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals which are of equal importance to remain healthy and fight diseases.

Research also reveals that we tend to consume same amount or volume of food daily without knowing the amount of calories that we are consuming. So if we are planning to lose weight then it is essential to replace our high calories meal with the one with low calories  to complete this daily volume that we intake. Now here is where the fruits play a role in our diet to achieve the goal of losing weight.

Several fruits weigh a lot, thus they can be added in our diet to fill our stomach with the equal volume of meal that is to be consumed without even adding up to the calories. For example a meal which has 100g of grilled chicken, 250g of potatoes, 30g of butter, 20g of low fat cheese sums up to a total weight of 400g and provides 700g of calories. Now if you replace it with a meal consisting 80g of chicken, 100g of potatoes, 10g of butter, 50g of broccoli, 50g of salad and 110g of fruits then the total volume will remain the same i.e. 400g but the calorie that it will provide will reduce down to 300g.

Crux: Your stomach will feel as filled up as you have consumed the same volume of food but you will be able to save 400g of calories which will enable you to lose around half pound per week without even lessening the quantity of your meal!


Which Fruit is best for Weight Loss?

Add a lot of fruits in your daily intake of meals and enjoy their variety. Set a goal of consuming five to six servings of meals daily and choose a combination of tasty, colorful and mixture of nutrients in your food. Eat all type of fruits whether they are fresh, dried, canned, frozen or in form of juices to fill up your daily consumption of meals. But just keep in mind that fruits which are dried wont fill your stomach as compared to piece of fresh and juicy fruit.

The most effective fruits that are to be consumed for the purpose of losing weight are apple, banana, grapefruit, lemon and pure garcinia cambogia. These type of fruits are very useful and some of them even directly dissolves your body fat to catalyze your weight loss; like pure garcinia cambogia is a fruit that is tested and proven which helps to reduce weight rapidly and efficiently. The best thing of fruits is that they will not only help in weight loss but will also give you energy, keep you active, healthy and protect you from diseases.  

Add some Exercise:

When travelling on the fruitful highway for weight loss it will best to add exercise to your daily routine. Exercise is the thing which will act as a catalyst when losing weight. It does not mean that you have to enroll yourself in a gym or a fitness center. Just do any exercise which is home-based, search for home based routines and exercises like pushups, pull ups, stretching, yoga etc. Or you can just start your day with a walk and eventually jog for about 15 to 20 minutes daily and believe it or not this will turn the things for you in the right path.

So don’t wait, stop wishing start doing!

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