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My son is a typical little boy. He likes to build with Legos, ride his bike and create chaos and joy. He hates cleaning up (but somehow likes to sweep), enjoys having additional responsibilities and loves being independent. His favorite colors are green and orange. He hates the color pink.

And it is that last part (not liking pink) that has saved me a bundle of money. Because, as it turns out, retailers often charge more money for items that are marketed to girls, even if the only difference is the color.

So, yeah, that is discouraging. And wrong. Really, really wrong.

Why are we punishing women by charging them more for similar items or slight changes based on gender preferences? It doesn't make sense. But until retailers change, consider buying the boy version and save yourself some money.

Have you bought a "girl" version of something that was way more expensive than the "boy" version? Tell me about it in the comments.

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