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I like history.

I listen to a history podcast and read a lot of historical fiction. I used to watch a lot of shows about history as well. From time to time I'll invite my son to watch a history program with me, and I wonder how truly interested he is in history (versus just wants to watch TV with me.)

I've noticed that his school doesn't focus a lot on history. I was wondering if that was normal or if it was just due to his age level. I recall having social studies classes when I was his age, but heard that wasn't really a thing kids experienced until middle school.

It turns out that it should be a thing.

Kids like to read about history. They like it so much that the subject gets them to read more. The reading sheets that my son comes home with now are disjointed and a little boring. I don't think he is getting much out of them. However, if I give him a story about myths and legends or ancient Egypt, he is all in and wants to know more.

Yes, schools should focus on reading. But the content of what our children read is important. I think it is healthy to mix up the fiction and non-fiction my son is exposed to and see what further sparks his interest.

Maybe that is harder said than done. At least for the schools. But that is something I can continue to encourage at home.

Does your child like reading about historical subjects? Talk about it in the comments.

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