Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I was built to be a human antenna. I receive signals very easily. I prefer this word to the word 'sensitive' because when you say someone is sensitive, they see you as someone who gets hurt when you tell them that their ears stick out. Mine does, so don't tell me that. I deliver sucker punches.

Anyway, as a kid, you're a bigger antenna than when you're bigger because you're grown-up, you can't act like a kid who kicks people in the b-lls when they tell you the truth. You learn that the truth builds your character and you become better. But this doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt, of course, it does....just that, the reaction is a little different now that you're an ADULT.

A friend of mine asked me a few months back, 'Why does everyone's problem has to be your problem?'

Here it its full glory, I'm a human antenna. I absorb feelings and emotions very easily. If you have a negative aura, I absorb yours. If you've injured your finger, mine will throb.

Nah...that was just me being the drama queen that I am. :-)

But's the thing. I was built this way because I was meant to do something creative like this. My work....the love of my writing, my fiction, my stories, the series that I watch, the people that I am with, the country that I live in....I feel all of that in a bigger proportion than normal people do.

Recently, I've taken up on volunteering for something I barely speaks about online or offline and it surprised people a little. But I feel it and being the impulsive pro-active b-tch that I can be, sometimes, I do something about it.

Being a human antenna also lets me step into people's shoes easily. This helps when I am writing articles for my clients, really, I'm not lying.

Marsha, I want articles on the Bahamas - and the Love Boat song starts playing in my head.

Marsha, I need articles about tupperware - and I imagine packing lunch for kids for their school.

Marsha, I need articles about menopause - hard one. I imagine my grandmother lusting after Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman or something. Oooh....hard stuff.

Marsha, I need articles on cats - I turn into a cat-loving person although I'm more a 'man' and 'baby' person.

Marsha, I need articles on orgasms - RIGHT UP MY ALLEY, BABY!

Marsha, I need articles on gays - Wow. A big challenge. Fine, I'll take it. This will sttttrrreeeeettttccccchhhhhh my imagination a little bit but hey, I'm a human antenna, remember?

It's particularly important for writers of fiction or screenplays to be able to be human antennas. People like me can sit down in a cafe and watch people and their reactions to things happening around them and feel it.

I know it's stupid but I'm built that way.

However, I'm happy that this antenna of mine is helping me make some money. Gotta put some of those bread and butter on the table, you know. :-)

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