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Let me just say that potty training is really annoying. I have been potty training Liam for a little over 2 months now and it has definitely had its trials of frustration. Just when I think he’s understanding how things work and stays dry for a couple days in a row, he goes and has days were all he does is pee in his undies and doesn’t want to go on the potty. I wanted to start him when he was 2, but I was just about to give birth to Reagan. I heard so many stories about kids reverting when another child joins the house. So I decided to wait until after everything settled down and we got use to having another baby in the house. Time passed fast, especially since Reagan was the baby that wanted everyone to do everything for her. I was having to sit with Reagan for up to 30 mins feeding her and then here’s Liam peeing all over the floor because I couldn’t get him to the potty. So then the potty training was moved to when Reagan could hold her bottle and feed herself. So potty training was pushed to 3 days after his 3rd birthday. We started Liam’s potty training on Nov. 2nd 2015. I was prepared to put him in pull-ups, but he saw them as just diapers and didn’t have the incentive to hold his pee pee and go on the potty. So we went start to undies, even for bedtime. It is definitely trying. I do laundry now everyday. I clean his bedding almost everyday. There are days when he wakes up completely dry, and those are the days that I thank God for giving me a day off from that.

For the most part though, I do see him improving a lot since we first started 2 1/2 months ago. He no longer has 15 accidents a day like he started doing. It’s down to about 5-6 at the most. There was a glimmer of hope this last week when, Wednesday morning, he woke up dry and stayed accident free until Saturday evening. I thought that he might have finally gotten the concept, but he has had several accidents since then and has pretended like those couple days of being dry never happened. He got the concept of going poo on the potty really fast. The only time that he has had a poo accident in his undies was when he was sick and it was coming out faster than he knew. I just need to keep praying that God will give me strength to endure and that I not get frustrated.

I think that his potty training has improved a lot faster then if we decided on using pull-ups. I highly recommend going straight to undies. It has shown him that he is now a big boy and not a baby. We got him about 25 pairs that have all of his favorite characters on them. I will say one thing for him, and that is that he does a great job when we’re outside the house. He is definitely more aware of when he has to go, and I am more aware of taking him because I don’t want him to have an accident while we’re out.

I really like the reward system that I have for him. I made a chart that has 25 boxes. 5 boxes per row. 5 rows total. He gets a sticker to put in each box when he has a successful pee or poo on the potty. That means he goes without anything getting in his undies. Once he fills a row of 5 with stickers, he gets a single chocolate chip. If he has a successful poo, he gets 2 chocolate chips as well as his sticker. When the entire chart his filled with stickers, he gets a toy. In our case, his toy is a hot wheels car. This reward system has worked really well for him. He loves when a poo happens to be the 5th sticker, because that means he gets 3 chocolate chips at one time.

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I know that this will not be forever and that he will eventually be completely potty trained and able to go all by himself without any help or reminders from me. Next on the potty training goal list is for him to learn to hold and aim while standing up. We’ll see how well that goes…..

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