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In this Post: Clean eating with a little Paleo, a little gluten-free, and about 30 % wiggle room! Can this Junk Food Kid get it together? Can health food actually taste good? Come find out and see the recipes I used for week one.


Hello, dear ones! Well, I’m finally doing it…biting the bullet and coming clean.When I was a teenager I had a teacher friend/mentor that called me the Junk Food Kid. I balked at chickpeas and pita. Just give me chocolate and Coca-Cola! I didn’t need that green stuff! Well, Mrs. Carole, I’m changing my ways…overall. Did I mention that 30 % of wiggle room?

Okay, so I have tried to cut out bad foods before, and I’ve had seasons of success. But usually, my motives were to please others…like that one time I was in a cult. Yeah, that time. Anywho, thankfully I learn from my mistakes. This time, my motivation is my own health. My Endometriosis and inflammation are getting me down. I really want to feel better... Read more here:

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