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The Most Essential Tips for an Easy Move

Let’s be honest: Moving is one of the biggest undertakings anyone can go through. There is all of the throwing away, condensing, selling old stuff, packing, labeling, and then you get to the inevitable time of moving all of your worldly possessions from point A to point B. It’s never fun. At least in our case, it has never been.

To save time and your sanity it is important to hire movers to help make everything easier for you and your family. Some movers will simply move your boxes and furniture. There are other companies that will actually help you pack as well. Now that fall is here and winter is just around the corner it is best to move as soon as possible if relocating is in your near future, so you don’t have to couple moving with bad weather.

If you live in Beaverton, Oregon you’re in luck because a local moving company can help with residential, commercial, and coastal moving as well as packing services. Many believe that to save money it is easier to pack everything themselves and move it as well. Think again. That can be a daunting task especially with heavy boxes and furniture. Hiring professionals is the smartest and most economical option especially if you have a house full of furniture, appliances, and boxes. Professionals know how to efficiently pack a moving truck with the proper padding to ensure your furniture and boxes do not take a beating on the ride to your new home whether it’s two blocks away or two hours.

One thing that will make movers’ job easier it to make sure you’re not holding onto household items or clothes, or knick-knacks that have no sentimental value to you, but instead are simply taking up space. That is why it is imperative to begin packing far ahead of your moving date. Sort all of your household items by room and then sub-categorize them into boxes labeled "essentials". For example, plates, cups, and utensils would go into an essentials box, but the panini maker you never use gets packed up but gets put in a nonessential box.

If you opt to use your mover’s packing services as least pre-pack as much as you can which will allow the movers to simply put items in boxes, close them, tape them up, and move them out. It will save money and time in the long run. Packing services are particularly great for people who live alone, have disabilities, don’t have friends or family to help them move, or if one is elderly. Otherwise, buy an ample amount of moving boxes 0f various sizes (they are extremely cheap), pack your things and make them ready for the movers to grab and place on the moving truck.

Moving can be stressful enough, but if you have small children or pets it can become even more stressful, quickly. Again, allow as much time as possible for the move so everything proceeds along seamlessly. In fact, the name of the game when it comes to moving is allowing enough time to do everything. It will save you a headache especially when you arrive at your new home and need to unpack, set up utilities, change your address for mail, and settle in. So, do yourself a favor and allow time to sort through your belongings. Allow time to host a garage sale if you need to unload some of your old belongings and make money for your move. Allow adequate time to hire Moving Services Beaverton. Some periods of the year are more busy than others, so hire early. And, finally allow enough time for the move itself. Set an early time for the movers to arrive at your home and then set a final time when the entire move should be complete.

Moving Services Beaverton provides moving services for Portland, Beaverton, and the surrounding metro area. It also has trucks of various sizes to accommodate small apartments to large homes. And, it also has storage options for its customers who want to leave a few things behind, but don't want to part with them forever.

If you will be moving in the near future, be sure to start now and make the process as easy as possible.  

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