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Having a baby opens a door to a brand new world we know little or nothing about and that scares us. During pregnancy, we usually focus on what might happen before the baby comes and what we need to do until then. However, when that day finally comes, we often find ourselves feeling unprepared for events that follow, which leaves us with a feeling of unease and anxiety. Moreover, when we try to help ourselves consulting various experts or books, the whole thing becomes overwhelming as they all try to cover everything at once.

So, when stress hits hard, you need to take a deep breath and deconstruct the problem to the simplest pieces. Start with the essentials. In order to help, we’ve come up with a list of things you absolutely must have when the baby comes without getting any deeper into motherhood, so it doesn’t overwhelm.


This must be the first thing that springs to anyone’s mind when babies are mentioned. Clearly, you need diaper changing pads, as well as waterproof pads for the changing table. You need something for disinfection, so get alcohol-free wipes and cotton cloths, as well as some kind of a diaper rash ointment. Wipes and diapers holders would also make your life easier and, of course, don’t forget actual diapers.


The way it usually works with baby clothes is that all your relatives that had babies before you give you their baby clothes, which is highly practical. Babies grow very quickly and these clothes remain practically new which is why it’s a real waste for only one baby to wear them. So, whether you have some clothes in stock or you need to buy new ones, the start-up kit should include several T-shirts, one-piece outfits that snap at the crotch, both long and short sleeved, some pajamas, socks, booties and stretch cotton pants. Cotton is the fabric that feels best on your skin and, since babies have very sensitive skin, you should buy only cotton clothes for them. A sweater, a knit cap, a sun hat and some bibs fulfil this requirement.


We need to be very careful when it comes to cosmetics we use on our babies because of the sensitivity of their skin. That is why you should buy only baby soaps and shampoos, body wash and a very mild soap for laundry. You also need some equipment like towels, washcloths, cotton swabs, a baby bathing tub, nail clipper, a soft brush and a digital thermometer in order to adjust the water temperature for your baby’s bath.


A crib is something every baby needs, as well as a hamper and a changing table. A baby monitor can also be a very useful tool, buy one with two receivers, so your spouse or parents could keep track of what goes on with the baby without bothering it. You also need to be careful about room temperature and potential mold hazards. Buying a good air purifier for mold is a solid investment in your and your child’s health.


When it comes to play time, the choices are many, but we would suggest consulting age recommendations. Basically, it’s hard to go wrong, but make sure you implement books into your baby’s life as soon as possible. Age-appropriate baby books will stimulate your child from the beginning. Have some baby music and perhaps a play mat with toys attached. All in all, your goal is to make your baby want to explore and use all its senses.

This is merely the beginning, a start-up baby kit. After you get it, the real fun and challenges begin. However, there’s nothing to fear if you give your baby lots of love and attention. Your baby will feel a strong connection to you and you’ll both learn about new things on the go. Make sure to ask for advice, but the final decision should always be yours as you’re the one that knows their baby best.


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