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When I was pregnant, well-meaning people would say things to me that I sounded like perfectly normal English sentences. Things like:

  • Make sure you spend time with your partner now before the baby comes.
  • You won't sleep at all once the baby arrives.
  • Once you have the baby, you'll want to stay home all day.
  • Having two isn't that much more expensive than having one.
  • Your time will no longer be your own.
  • Let me tell you about <insert horrific delivery story here>

Each of these statements came from a good place, but it made me realize that people are truly horrible at trying to prepare others for what life is like once you have children. 

While I can understand that the disconnect is most likely due to everyone's experience being different, there has to be some way to help new parents understand how much their lives may change after they have a child.

Oh, look: Charts.

The information on that link is gathered from the American Time Use Survey, and helpfully depicts how much time people have for an activity based on whether or not they have children. I think that is a pretty clever use of data, although I am sure that anyone who really loves an activity will eventually find a way to return to it. Sure, you may not be able to go rock climbing again a week after the baby is born, but you may be able to re-discover that hobby when your child is old enough to join you at the climbing wall.

A parent can hope, right?

What activity do you want to return to one day when your children are older? Tell me in the comments.

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