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How to Change a Home Air Filter

One of the quickest…

Custom Paintings and Other Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day 2020

Custom Paintings for Mother’s Day Gifts

Your mom is likely the most special person in your life. There is no bond stronger than that between a mother and child. This year for Mother’s Day you want to do something special, something different and unique. You want a gift that will tell a story and that will show how much she means to you – something that every…


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After a long pregnancy, the last thing on parents' minds is the best diaper bag to choose. That's why we've found one for you. All parents with babies or toddlers need a fantastic diaper bag with lots of pockets. There are many on the market to be sure, but finding one that best fits your needs can be an arduous process. Who has time to go to a baby store and sift through the myriad options in search of the perfect diaper bag when you can look online?

We recently received the Haruhonpo USA’s Denim Mint Deluxe Travel Bag. Before you read any further, we want you to know we love it! Read on to learn why.

We are so thrilled to be able to help parents who are looking for a diaper bag that doubles as a bag for their little ones but can also provide ample space for everything moms need to carry from keys to their wallet, and even space for a tablet, book, or magazine. What we love are not only its pockets (it has 15 compartments) but also its accessories: a bag for your baby’s bottle, a zippered diaper bag, a changing pad and a strap for easier carrying over your shoulder. We also love that it is soft-bodied making it more comfortable to carry.

As we mentioned above, we love any bag that has enough pockets for all of our needs. For us, pockets are critical because there is nothing worse than always reaching in your bag looking for something that should have its own spot in your bag. Diaper bags without enough pockets become one big bottomless pit!

Haruhonpo’s Denim Mint Deluxe Travel Bag has plenty of differently sized pockets for your needs as well as a latch for your keys. Their bag also has a pocket with a plastic lining perfect if you are carrying things that might spill and could make a mess.


In terms of its accessories, we love that the baby bottles bag is insulated to keep your bottle warm or even cold. 

The zippered bag for diapers has two slots: one for diapers and the other for wipes.

And, we all need a changing pad to keep our little ones clean whether we’re changing them in a public bathroom or anywhere. Haruhonpo’s changing pad is easy to fold out and put back into its perfect small pouch.

With this diaper bag, there are sure to be moms who ask you where you got it and also will love to see inside this plush, soft bag.

Haruhonpo’s Denim Mint Deluxe Travel Bag retails for $175 and can be purchase at

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