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The one that got away....

Oh, in my story there are many. I was never a long timer in relationships. I think my longest was a year, and whew, that seemed like an eternity. I always tease Jimmy that he is my longest relationship.

I have the story that I think most girls have.

I've definitely had my heart broken. I've been hurt, lied to, misunderstood, unforgiven, broken up with for no reason, strung along...even cheated on by two different guys who I honestly never would have thought would hurt me that way.

But of course, not being perfect, I've broken a few hearts as well. Mostly because I was immature and not sure what it was I wanted or needed.

I was talking to one of my best friends about this whole "what if" thing....thanks to Jason (The Bachelor). And you know, after all is said and done, we came to the conclusion that the one who got away, is exactly that. Away. And most likely for a reason. Of course, and let me be clear, that reason is most certainly not me! Oh no, it's so so him. He (and I use that in the plural form) is not in my life because he wasn't the "one."

The "one" will fight for you. He won't let you go no matter what. He will cherish the sweet and thoughtful things you say and do. He will be honest with you. He will treat you better than you even think you deserve. He will love you despite your flaws, and he will forgive you for your many mistakes. He will laugh when you laugh, and he will wipe your tears when you cry. When things are really hard, he'll be right there next to you, because he loves you. He will see you in the morning and hold your hair when you throw up. And he will still think you are the hottest thing he's ever seen. Through the good and the bad, and even the really really bad....he won't ever even think of leaving you. Even when you tell him you never want to cook him meals for dinner.

That "one" is the one that stays. That's the one you keep. That's the one that will never get away. And that's how you are able to let the past be the past, and thank God every day for the "present" he's given you.

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