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The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Our parents are a major part of our lives, and every year we have a unique opportunity to show our gratitude on both Mother and Father’s Day. Your selection of a gift for dad would be a lot easier, and Mother’s Day is usually accompanied by flowers and her favourite chocolates, yet there is an alternative with a Mother’s Day donation gift.

Online Donation Programs

There are well-known charities that have been the main support for many third world communities, especially with projects that are focused on community development. This type of organisation has deep roots in the countries they target as having a majority of the population living in poverty, and with a multi-national infrastructure, they can really make a difference by funding community development projects, which would typically include:

►   Agriculture

►   Fishing

►   SME Funding

►   Construction

►   Irrigation

►   Handicraft Production

There are specialist volunteer workers in the field who help the locals to plan various projects that are designed to enable them to improve their lives in some way. This community building is far more effective than just supplying essentials, as it teaches the community how to plan and manage a successful enterprise, and by using the natural resources available, it is possible to produce and trade.

How Does it Work?

If you would like to donate an amount to a worthwhile project, you can nominate the recipient, who might be a family member, or a friend, and by selecting a project that person can relate to, they will really appreciate the gesture of including them in a charitable deed such as this. The recipient will receive a card, which details the project the donation will be used for, and because your recipient has information about the project, they feel a personal connection. The funds will be much needed, and while mum likes the flowers and chocolates, she will have a special feeling, knowing that she played a part in helping people who are on the poverty line.

Range of Projects

Your mother might like the idea of helping a group of women who are planning to manufacture textiles, or perhaps fund a farming project that helps to feed the entire community, and then there are programs to help the elderly, and if she has a soft spot for animals, there are many projects to aid rare species by providing a safe habitat.

A Pleasant Surprise

Once you have located the charity website and selected the amount, along with the project you wish to fund, you can type in your special message, which will be included in the special Mother’s Day gift card that they will receive. Most people are pleasantly surprised to discover that a person has made a charitable donation on their behalf, and this gives the recipient a warm feeling, knowing they have really made a difference in someone’s life.

The Internet helps us in many ways, and sourcing a registered charity is a simple task, and with an online search and a few minutes of browsing, you can locate the perfect project for your donation, and the recipient will also experience that wonderful feeling of giving.

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