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Divine Theme

We all wish we could be the Perfect Mum, but the reality is very different. Just ‘Good Enough’ is perfect enough.

The Dream –
Your Breastfeeding, making home-made meals, your house is spotless, you’ve lost all the baby weight, have a full face of make-up and a new hair-do. You’ve taken up a new hobby that’s always interested you and attend mummy meetings and baby groups.

Your new bundle of joy is wonderful he/she is a baby that sleeps all night and never cries….perfect.

The Reality –
You’ve bottle-fed, given your Little One (LO) jarred baby food, your house – lets not go there, make-up, hair, baby weight … you don’t have time to look after yourself! You have no time for new hobbies, in fact you don’t have time for anything but taking care of your LO.

On those rare occasions you actually make it to a baby group you look like a zombie. You get really annoyed and angry with the ‘Perfect Mum’ that has turned up looking immaculate and boasting about how well her LO sleeps – COW.

SLEEP? a mythical concept for a new parent!

We’ve all been there its mid afternoon your still in your pjs, your LO has been crying all day and your house is a bomb-site, your cup of tea is stone cold & you need the loo. You really need a shower and to wash your hair, you want to tidy the house because you worry it means you can’t cope and people will judge you.

But your LO is finally asleep – on you – so you dare not move… so there you stay looking at the mess, still in your pjs, and you know what…………Mummy It’s OK – You’re Doing Great.

The Perfect Mum by Mummyitsok

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