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From birth, I tell my children how smart/sweet/handsome/pretty/amazing and miraculous they are. Constantly. This is the result:

Lily, you’re so pretty I said yesterday, as I made sure she was buckled in her booster seat.

I wish we looked alike, I sighed, staring at the daughter who inherited not one of my physical traits, save for the freaky double jointed thumb. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Noooooo!!!! She vehemently responded, without missing a beat. Because then I wouldn’t be pretty.

Thanks, Lil, I snorted.

You’re not ugly, she continued. You’re just not as pretty as me.

{Thud.} Aren’t all little girls supposed to think their Mommy’s are beautiful? At least until the age of six?

Little shit. And I totally caught her checking herself out in the rear view mirror.

What the hell have I done?

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