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The Pros and Cons of Travelling by Car

Traveling to the destination of your choice is often considered a necessary evil, something you have to endure before you enjoy your holiday vacation. Therefore, most people want to get there as quick and convenient as possible. The method of traveling often depends on the destination. If the destination is overseas, most people will choose the airplane to get there, while others will choose to cruise on a boat. However, if your destination is within the range of a couple of hours, the vast majority of people will choose driving. For most of the nearby trips driving is the ideal method of transportation. With an increased amount of distance, traveling by car becomes more and more questionable. At one moment it would be difficult to decide between the methods of transportation as each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. This article will tell you about the pros and cons of traveling by car.    



It’s Up To You

One of the biggest advantages of independent traveling by car is that everything is up to you and under your control. You decide when you will depart, arrive and when you will stop along the way. When you plan your trip you don't have to pay attention to train or airplane schedules. Also, if you see something intriguing at the roadside you can stop and observe it. Furthermore, there is no packing limit so you can carry everything you can fit in your car. Last but not least, your pets can join you on your travel. Just make sure your car is prepared well enough for this kind of travel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Seeing the World

Another great benefit of car traveling is the possibility to have a better view of this world. Traveling by conventional methods of traffic limits your view to commonly used pathways, which are usually not very inspiring to see. If you turn sideways from the superhighway you may discover some unexpected views or natural beauty, but also interact with people living in the area. Whenever you see something interesting, you can stop and at least take a picture.  


Packing Anything

When traveling by car you're not limited by the mandatory size of your luggage. That means you can pack anything and everything as long as it can fit in your car trunk. You can even use back seats in case you don't have anyone to occupy them. If a part of your traveling plan is any sports or leisure activity, it would be easier to pack all the equipment in your car than taking it by bus or train.



Even if you count extra expenses such as mechanical repairs for your car, a road trip can still be the most economical means to travel, furthermore if you travel in a group. Driving four people is usually cheaper than purchasing four tickets for train, bus or airplane.   




Time Consuming

Driving by yourself is one of the slowest methods of covering the distance between two spots. If you don't plan to enjoy the sideways attractions and all you want to do is to arrive at the destination as fast as possible, it might be better to take a train or fly there.


It’s All On You

For better or worse, all the responsibility of driving is up to you. You have to prepare your car for a long trip, navigate, manage the resources, luggage and everything else. Not everyone enjoys that kind of predicament at all times, so sometimes it's easier to let someone else do it.


Sneaky Expenses

Preparing your car for a long haul might require extra investments of time and money. If you count in the expenses for gas, tolls, parking meals, and lodging, traveling by car might turn out to be a financial venture that will make you remember the trip for all the wrong reasons.


Unpredictable Weather

A factor that is often overlooked, but can seriously affect the quality of your car traveling is the weather. If you're not prepared accordingly, bad weather can undermine or even ruin your whole road trip. Before taking you to the road you should consider the weather and your own driving abilities. The wrong estimation can have consequences not only for you but for others on the road too.



When planning to travel to a certain destination, there are various factors you have to take into consideration. Above all, you should think about which travel method you should utilize. Sometimes the best idea is to take up the calculator and estimate your travel costs depending on the method of transportation. If you prioritize time over money, then you should fly. For city-to-city travels, the optimal vehicle is a train. But if you really want to familiarize yourself with your destination, it is best to go there by car, despite the fact it's longer and more expensive.  

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