Butcher’s paper is a widespread type of food covering paper, made of pine pulp, which is treated in a way that can be safe for food contact. It’s is officially approved by the United States Food and Drug Administrationfor safe use in food industries.



Butcher paper can be used in different ways. The main purpose of this material is fish or meat wrapping during the cooking process. However, it is also used in primary education for arts and crafts. The paper is also quite common for making posters and covering the tables to protect linens.

The biggest advantage of the Butcher paper is that it is very sturdy, and its strength allows you to freely wrap meat in it and be sure that it won’t be torn. This sturdiness also prevents the loss of the meat’s cooking juices that makes it more delicious. Furthermore, it’s very convenient for users as it does not stick to the product and can be easily peeled away.

Butcher paper is widely used in cooking and is especially famous for barbeque making. This is why it is also referred to as BBQ paper. This material is also known as smoking paper, peach paper, etc. All these types can vary slightly and are used for different purposes.


Barbeque can be made in three different ways:

  • Without wrapping the meat,
  • Wrapping the meat in an aluminum foil
  • Wrapping it in Butcher’s paper.


When you make the BBQ with an unwrapped meat, you can face some problems as the meat can dry out. This can be prevented if you wrap the meat with the foil or Butcher paper. However, there are some differences between these two. If we compare the Butcher paper to the aluminum foil, we can find several advantages about Butcher’s paper. Here are some of them:

  • The Butcher paper is more durable, due to which it won’t be torn in the middle of the cooking process and you won’t have to rewrap it. This can save you a lot of time, and your dish will not lose its fabulous juices.
  • Butcher paper also decreases the cooking time. As long as the meat is isolated, it is cooked in its own juices, which makes it more delicious and keeps it from drying out.
  • Another benefit of the Butcher paper is that it is breathable, which allows the meat to breathe. Due to this fact, the flow of air releases excess steam while taking in the barbecue smoke, which creates smoked characteristics.

Besides being used for barbeque making process, Butcher paper has some other important functions in the kitchen. It can be used as a tray liner, for packaging, and storing the food, wrapping sandwiches and burgers, you can name it.

It should be mentioned that the type of Butcher paper which is used for storing the food is treated differently and is known as freezer paper. The main difference between peach Butcher paper, which is used for cooking, and freezer paper, which is used for food storing, is that freezer paper is coated in a plastic layer due to which it gets a waxy appearance. You should be careful not to cook using freezer paper and not to store the food in the peach Butcher paper if you don’t want to end up with a trash.

Not only is Butcher’s paper used in the kitchen, but also in different spheres of everyday life. Shipping companies, for example, use this kind of paper to deliver fragile items, including glasses, plates, and similar things to prevent it from breaking during the shipping.

Due to its firmness and sturdiness, Butcher’s paper can also be used for wrapping gifts. For this purpose, different kinds of beautifully designed paper can be applied. Those gifts wrapped in this type of paper are very popular, and the material gives them quite a fascinating and attractive look.

In conclusion, here are the main benefits of using Butcher’s paper: it’s cheap, but at the same time has a high quality, can be beneficial for different purposes in the kitchen, can be used for wrapping gifts, and shipping fragile kitchen appliances.

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