My son and I are looking at pictures from his school.

"Wait," he says. "This is Facebook. This is my school's Facebook page."

"Yes, it is." I say.

"But I didn't think you had an account," he says.

"It's a public page. You don't need an account to see it," I say.

Two things here:
  1. My son understands what Facebook is.
  2. My son somehow knows that I don't have an account.

I'm curious about both those things, but not worried. My son is only eight. I am sure there will be some sort of new social media craze that he and all his friends will be on by the time he is a tween. And, it is at that point of time that I will need to join whatever that thing is.

Whatever it may be, it won't be Facebook. Recent poll numbers show that teens are leaving Facebook for other social platforms. That's not really surprising: Don't all children abandon something once their parents adopt it? It can't possibly be cool anymore if your whole family uses it.

So, I will wait until my son is older and wants to join whatever all his friends have joined. And then I will join, too. (And it will instantly become uncool.)

Do you join all the same social networks that your child is on? Tell me in the comments.

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