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It is now officially the start of the kids 6 week holidays! SIX long weeks, wow. What on earth can we do for six weeks? 

My middle child, Lewis has severe tonsilitis which he is suffering badly with so all he really wants to do is xuddle, sleep and cry. So thats me on full nurse duties already.

My eldest, Riley is 6 and all he wants to do is play games consoles, go crazy in the park or wind everyone up for not gerting what he wants.

My little princess, my smallest baby, Peyton just wants her brothers to stop touching her toys. She also wants our new kitten to sit nicely in her dollys pram and turn into her baby, which is quite funny to watch.

My partner and I would love some us time, just to cuddle up and not have to listen to the constant bickering between the kids but hey ho, thats parenting for us :)

I personally just want a suitable time to roll round so I can become fully aquainted with the chilled bottle of wine sitting temptingly in my fridge, however I am on strong painkillers due to a nasty big wisdom tooth trying to destroy my mouth as it explodes through my gum. So wine, or food for that matter, are out of the picture for now.

Iguess the six weeks holidays will pick up as soon as the rain picks itself up and buggers off somewhere else so the sun can come out and top up my tan :).

For now ladies, Im off to drink a cold cup of tea...bliss, speak soon.

Anne-Marie xxx

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