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The Ten Reasons why Having Boys Rock!

A lot of parent’s love having girls! There are so many articles that outline why having a daughter is the greatest! Girls are known to be well-behaved, develop quicker, and overall are just easier. You hear it all the time, everywhere you go! Little girls are amazingly w

ell-behaved! I don’t doubt or disagree with that at all! However, there are so many reasons why having only boys is an amazing experience! I have two wonderful little boys, and they are my joy, and they own my heart! Boys are amazing and it is never really a dull moment when you have boys in your home. Sure they eat all day, every day, like they 

have not had a meal in the last three days, and they come home all the time smelling like sweat and dirt. My favorite phrases in the more current time period of my life, are “wash your hands”, “wash your face”, “wash your hands AND your face”, or my favorite…. “put that in the laundry, you cannot wear that two days in a row.” But, there is also an adventure, an ongoing carefree spontaneity to having only boys in your home. Raising boys is hard, but you reap what you sow, and

 if you put in the hard work, you will be able to experience some amazing adventures and in return also be able to experience seeing your boys turn in to the most amazing men.

Here are my 10 reasons to enjoy having only BOYS!!

You will never have a shortage of nerf guns, bullets, skateboards, bows, arrows, Legos, and ninja swords!! You will be extremely prepared in the event of a zombie invasion or if the apocalypse comes and you need to become Ghost Rider…. or Iron Man….
God forbid you are without AMMO when this happens!! With boys in your home you will be able to find ammo ALL AROUND YOUR HOME!! The nerf bullets will not stop rolling out from under your couch, your dining table, and will be found in your makeup drawer

s as well!

2. NERD-ing it OUT!
You will get to embrace your inner nerd! It’s always amazing when you get to embrace all things Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, a

nd be able to chalk it up as research for your kids!! The right to marathon as much Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or anything of that sort is exactly that, a RIGHT. When you have boys, the need for them to be well versed in the ways of the force is imperative, and not to be outdone by any other of the boys in their classroom. They should be very knowledgeable in also, the one ring, muggles, elves, and wizards.

I personally think in the recent events of all things Disney Princesses, that we have forgotten and/or underestimated how much fun BOYS have in Disneyland! I mean, come on! Peter Pan, Lost Boys!! Bringing boys to Disneyland will allow you to go on all the FUN rides that your Disney Princess may not want to go on! Girls will want to be in the Bippity Boppity Bootique, while boys will WANT to be on Splash Mountain, Star Wars land, Peter Pan, and all the exhilarating rides that girls might miss 

out on when they’re being transformed into Disney Princesses! Not that I wouldn’t want that as well…..when I’m in Disneyland I sometimes look longingly in the direction of that boutique and wish I had my niece with me……

If you love LEGOS, then having BOYS is for you!! Boys and LEGOS just go HAND IN HAND. Boys are naturally wanting to put things together and take things apart. They love to build, and are very hands on in a lot of what they do and how they learn. So Legos are in fact, the perfect toy for them. Legos give the opportunity to embrace creativity, and also allow boys to learn to read and follow directions. Have you seen some of the directions that come with these Lego sets? It’s like gibberis

h mixed with dothraki mixed with senior year calculus….

5. Exploring
Boys are always looking to explore and discover new things!! They are naturally curious and will go to great lengths in making discoveries and finding new and amazing items to fit in their pockets!! You will probably find many toads, frogs, random bullets, nickels, pennies, string, and many other crazy things when doing their laundry. Boys love to explore. It’s in their nature.

Boys will be affectionate and give attention to their mothers until they are old and out of the house, and even beyond that!! If you are in need of a good cuddle, see the boys in your life! Being able to be affectionate and cuddle with your sons are what makes having boys so enjoyable. Affection will also teach them to be affectionate as a man. You are teaching your sons to be a caring individual by constantly cuddling them and giving them random hugs and kisses.

7. High Energy Levels!!
Having boys will gi

ve you a boost in energy levels as you have to consistently run after them to make sure that they are not heading in to a danger zone as they chase one adventure after another. If you are a thrill seeker and lover of high energy levels, having boys are for you!! The heightened energy levels of having boys can be exhausting, but are so worth it. They love the thrills, but as a mother, that comes with the price of worry. You will always be worried that they are doing something that is putting them in harm’s way. Which, they might be. From the day they learn to walk, you will be worried that they are going to hurt themselves. The constant worry itself will heighten your energy levels to its peak, but you will have to remind yourself that this is all in the ways of having boys. They are going to give you high blood pressure with their thrill seeking and exploring. The chase of glory, and the respect of their peers will keep them going, and keep you worrying.

8. Lover of Adventure!!
If you love going on adventures, boys are amazing at that!! Boys never want to sit still, and chasing after adventures are just sort of what they do! They need to be consistently occupied, and being spontaneous and adventurous are just a couple of things why having boys will never leave you being bored!! Adventures await them at every turn!! They can look at simple tasks and turn them into adventures that include dueling dragons, pirates, and monsters!! A broomstick will turn into a sword; a sponge will turn into a magic talisman! Going on a hike can turn into a QUEST! A quest beyond all measure that will lead them to an enchanting waterfall to save a princess, aka, mommy. Adventure at every turn, thrill seeking, and doing it all as a family is something that we all long for! Playing in the yard can turn into an adventure. We can battle monsters, robots, zombies, and all kinds of evil! In the end we will always triumph with a snack!!

Boys need pets! That’s just a fact. A boy and his dog or cat, or fish, are best pals. Not only does having a pet help them to learn responsibility, but it also helps them to know compassion, kindness, and love. Having a pal to come home to is part of being a boy, and if you love animals, it’s always good to buy that puppy “for your son.” Pets will teach them to love something else more than themselves. That is really all that we can ask for in a pet for our son. A pal, a companion, a teacher, and a friend. Boys love their pets, that’s always apparent. Whether that pet is a turtle, a fish, a bird, a dog, or a cat, boys will have a need to care for and love their pets. It might take time to really teach them that responsibility, but in the end, these are all lessons that he will be able to take with into adulthood. That ability to care for others. That all stems from loving and having a pet.

10. UNCONDITIONAL love for his mother!!
And finally! The LOVE that comes with having boys!! Let’s face it Dads…. you cannot compare a boys love for his mother to anything else in the world! It just does not measure up! Men and boys love their mothers, she is his first love, his first light, his first everything!! The relationship that a mother shares with her son is unique, special, unconditional, everlasting, and cannot be outdone by anything else! She will be his nonstop champion, someone who will consistently have his back no matter what! She will also be his support in times of need! Whenever he needs her, he will have her. A boy and his mother share a special relationship, and will always share that relationship. Nothing will be able to take away the love and respect that they share.

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Comment by Clay Rice on June 18, 2018 at 10:15am

Boys are also super sweet. Mine's 1 year and 4 months and he's like a ball of sweetness. I love the hugs and the kisses so much!

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