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The Three People Small Business Owners Should Have on Speed Dial

Running your own business can be hard.  there are a lot of things you have to stay on top of: legal matters, employee relations, customer satisfaction, and of course the growth of your small business.

Businesses are also extremely unpredictable due to the number of variables at play. But just like The Beatles once sang, you can get by with a little help from your friends.

As an already busy mom and business owner, you don't want to waste time reinventing the wheel. Here are a few people that should just be one call away when you need some assistance with your small business.

Business Consultant

Having a business consultant on speed dial is like having the human form of Google always on call. While you may already have a lot of experience running businesses, or graduated from the best business school in the world, having a business consultant can serve as a sounding board for your ideas and your plans. They can also provide you with guidance, and can help point you to the right direction you need to take for your business to grow and prosper.

It’s tough to run a business on your own. Sometimes the things you think might be the best for your company might not be good for it in the long run. Hiring a business consultant allows you to get additional input and can help you get through leaner times in your business, especially when you feel like giving up on your business.

Corporate Lawyer

When running your business, you might often get caught up overseeing the day-to-day operations that you might end up overlooking other important matters like permits, taxes, and other legal mumbo-jumbo that needs to be taken care of. When these legal matters don’t get addressed in a timely fashion, you could end up putting your whole business at risk.

This is why a business, no matter how big or small, needs a lawyer who is well-versed in corporate law. They can provide you with advice on how to deal with legal issues or concerns that your company may have. For example, a lot of businesses fail to drum up a clear program for workplace injuries. Workers’ compensation laws can be very complicated to someone without a legal background. So when looking for workers’ comp lawyers Harrisburg PA has some really good legal advisors that can help you with that concern.


In addition to staying on top of legal matters, you may find that you need help with your bookkeeping. This is why getting an accountant on retainer might be a good move for the future of your business. The tax code in the US can be very difficult to understand and can leave you scratching your head for hours on end. Failure to pay the right amount of taxes can lead to hefty fines and penalties.

Accountant can help you determine which credits and deductions you can take. In addition to that, they can also help keep your financial statements and other workbook records accurate. They can help you keep a system that is well organized so when you need to review your books, it’s easier to track.

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