The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Excellent User Interface on Your Website

Even if you invest a lot of effort and time to come up with good, unique, informative content on your website and also if you get the best SEO done to optimize your site and get high rankings but still you will end up not getting many visitors if you fail to have a beautiful user interface. Visitors are not robots but they are humans, and to allure humans, to visiting your website, again and again, you need to enchant them visually. 

Hence the user interface of your website needs to be both creative and beautiful to make your online business website efficient. Graphic designs along with user interface and user experience have developed a lot in the world of web designs. With the available resources and online tools, you can create a user-friendly web design which will help users to distinguish your page from everyone else's. Even little modifications can go on to improve your website a lot. In this article, you shall learn about some tips and techniques which will help you to design a better user interface for your website.

Your design has to be both simple and attractive

WordPress’s most important strength is at the levels of manual customization that it provides. There are hundreds of templates available for websites today, so many that one can easily find oneself to be lost. However, you must not experiment a lot when it is about the user interface. You have to keep it simple and easy, and this is probably an essential design tip ever: keeping it simple. The general casual visitor who visits your website is likely to be an average internet user, and for them a classic, simple design is perfect. Do not over modify the navigational elements as it will probably lead to confusion. Go with a class layout configuration which has the primary menu towards the top and a search bar towards the top right corner. You can play around with the iconography still. Use varied colors, shapes but do not make a radically new set up as it will probably confuse your visitors

Consistency along with responsive designs

Responsive designs are imperative in these days. Millions of persons are using Smartphones and tabs to surf the internet. We still find various unresponsive WebPages which do not perform well on small screens. When the user interface gets messed up on the small screen, your website is doomed to be a disaster. Hence, it is necessary that you devote extra time to make your WordPress website responsive to people who would want to access your page through their mobile phones. Inspect all the elements of the interface of your site, see to it that nothing is either too small or too large or has screens of different sizes.

You would also have to ensure that all the images that you use look equally fabulous on both laptop screens, large desktop screens and also small mobile screens, hence pay attention to the resolutions of the pictures that you use. Besides pictures, you need to see that all the animations that you have used are working on small screens also. Then you must check the audio files if any are uploaded, they need to be able to play correctly when a user accesses them from their cell phones. The same goes for any graphs, lists, information tables also. Just make double sure that every element of your site is working. Choose the design elements accordingly; do not use layouts which will look good only on large screens or vice versa.

Use of proper typography judiciously

Content is not only the backbone of your entire website, but it is also an essential aspect of your web design – how you use your visuals to get your content to stand out is a vital part of a good web design. This is where typography comes in as an element that plays a significant role in creating and organizing the visual experience. Fonts are important in the design of your user interface as fonts will affect every individual differently, and fonts can either make, or they can break the user interface. In WordPress, it is easy to switch and shift between various fonts. You have to take advantage of this facility. Use fonts to create a good design, use different sizes also and play with different, alternating designs to see what works best. However, ensure that the fonts you use are readable on screens of all sizes.

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The user interface is a vital part of your website, whether it is on WordPress or not and regardless if it is for business purposes or personal use. You must invest some time to creating a beautiful user interface, and for that purpose, you can use the tips shared in this article.

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