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Spring is right around the corner. This is the perfect time of year to make an organized list of all the cleaning projects inside or outside of your home. You can accomplish it all by setting up times when you want each chore completed. We can help you with details on what to complete as the warmer days are approaching. This information will give you many ideas on what to do to keep your home in great shape.

Cleaning Windows and Doors

Cloudy days are perfect for washing glass windows to be streak-free. Cleaning solution dries too fast when the sunshine heats the glass. The best solution for cleaning is warm water with a cleaning cloth designed for washing windows. A dab of ammonia with the water will make them smell fresh.

Windowsills can be wiped clean with the same solution. Clean the glass on sliding doors to remove dirt and fingerprints. Clean out dirt and debris from the glass door tracks with a small bristle brush.

Carpets Vacuumed and Shampooed

All the carpet needs vacuumed to remove dirt and debris. Take more time to clean each area of the room carpet. Move everything out of the way to make the task easier.

Hiring a carpet cleaning service might be an option for homeowners who want to leave the job to professionals. They have deep cleaning shampoo machines that pick up all the stains from the carpet. You can rent a machine to do the job yourself.

Clean Curtains and Blinds

Blinds can become dirty as months of dust and dirt accumulate on them. Neglecting them could mean having to replace the blinds with new ones. You could remove them to carry outside to pressure wash. Curtains can be cleaned with the upholstery attachment from the vacuum cleaner. Filthy drapes or curtains might need to be washed.

Clean the Furniture

Use the same upholstery attachment to vacuum furniture while you have it handy. You can wipe off leather furniture with a cleaner designed to make it shine. Make sure to clean all tables with a dusting cloth.

Cleaning Light Fixtures and Fans

Don’t neglect what you see above. An extendable duster can knock dirt and debris off of fan blades instantly. For a deep clean, stand on a small ladder to wipe the blades clean. Using a little water and ammonia will make them perfect. Clean all light fixtures and bulbs. Table lamps can be cleaned with a cloth and solution. Be sure to have the power off to electrical fixtures. Replace old burned out bulbs.

Organize to Remove Clutter

Don’t let clutter take over useful space inside the home. Junk can accumulate inside closets and practically anywhere throughout the home. Go through each room of the house to locate things you don’t need to through them away. A few items can be donated to charitable organizations when they are in good condition.

Never Forget the Bedrooms

Bedroom mattresses need to vacuum to reduce dust mites. Old mattresses need to be replaced after the life of the bedding. Bedding covers that prevent stains are a popular product to use to keep soiled stains away. Mild detergents work great on memory foam mattresses.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Don’t neglect cleaning these areas. They are both important living spaces inside the house. Replace worn shower curtains and wash bath curtains. Scrub the tubs and floors in the bath. Remove old medications you no longer need.

Clean out the clutter in the kitchen. Replace old appliances with new ones. Repaint the area if needed. Clean out refrigerators and stoves to remove grime. General cleaning in kitchens should make them more appealing.

Exterior Projects

These are things that all homeowners must do to take care of the maintenance of the homes they live in. Power-washing the exterior windows and siding will remove dirt accumulation. New paint can be applied during the spring months to give the house a fresh appearance.

Gutters should be cleaned out to keep them working properly. Roofs need to be inspected to make sure they are in great shape. Pressure-washing driveways will remove oil and grease from the concrete. These are some of the things that home maintenance requires each year that can be considered as part of cleaning during spring.

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