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The Uninfluenced Mummy.

I like to think that I’m not one of those mums who are easily influenced by other parents’ and their ways of parenting. Just because I like to think that though doesn’t mean it is true.

We are just over half way through the six week holidays now and I must say i’m quite impressed with myself. For the last 2-3 years I have stressed myself out no end trying to do amazing things with my children that they will love and talk about for days on end, spent money on days out that you would like to think the kids would be so grateful for; how bloody silly of me!

You see, this year I have refused to allow the chit chat of other parents on social media affect my day to day plans with my kiddies, I haven’t stressed myself out or put pressure on myself to do the oh-so-expensive and quite frankly pointless routine of coming up with a day trip that to be perfectly honest they probably won’t be into! No, this six weeks holidays we have gone with the flow, taken it one day at a time. I have sat and read my book while the kids have played very happily and contently with their toys.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not by any means saying that we haven’t done anything, we have been to the beach, been to stunning and fun parks away from home, we have been on countless road trips to new and exciting places, we went to the farm and had a picnic, we took the kids for an amazing day at Silverstone where they saw jaw dropping cars! We have been to a museum and taught the kids about history, Tudors and dinosaurs, we went and flew our kite for the very first time and watched the para-gliders, we also spent hours upon hours having fun in our very own home and back garden!

This year though, I haven’t felt guilty about needing to go food shopping and getting the bills paid, I haven’t felt guilty about lazing around in my pajamas on my tablet.

So I know that when the kids go back to school (thank heavens for normal routine!) when they get asked that previosuly dreaded question; “What did you do during your summer holidays?” I can feel safe in the knowledge that we had fun, as a family, sensibly with money and food left over to continue the fun into school term.

This year and every year after, I will do it MY way, I will enjoy the holidays without feeling the need to conform to other parents ways of doing it!

From now on, I am the uninfluenced mummy :)

Happy holidays friends, I’m off to do some drawing with my kids.
Anne-Marie xx

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thanks xx

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