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How to Have a Successful First Doctor’s Appointment with Baby

Newborns typically have six well-baby visits the first year of their lives. From weight checks, to vaccinations, to everything in between, you will be spending a lot of time with the pediatrician. These frequent visits are important to making sure your child is healthy and developmentally…

What Kind of Life Insurance Do You Need for Your Family?

Sooner or later, everyone comes to the realization that they need life insurance. But after the realization, the…



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The Value in Best Buy's Geek Squad Total Tech Support

This is a sponsored post by Best Buy.

How often have you bought a laptop or desktop, appliance, television, or any other smart device and then not know how to use it to its fullest? Best Buy is here to help. They provide total tech support powered by the Geek Squad. If you have not tried Geek Squad before this is what they offer: 

 Best Buy’s Total Tech Support is a membership dedicated to supporting all the tech in your home – no matter where or when you bought it. 
 Best Buy offers value for any included services, $49.99 in-home services, 20% savings on repairs, and protection plans (Geek Squad Protection and AppleCare Products)
 Ease of use – 24/7 support connect with us in-store, over the phone, or chat/remote online, so you get support when and how you want it. 
Best Buy's Geek Squad provides the following services: 
 24/7  tech support no matter when or where you bought your tech 
 Only $49.99 on in-home services
 20% off Geek Squad Protection & AppleCare Products
 Many included services including virus removal, connected car installation, and data transfer 
 20% off repairs and advanced services
 Internet security software included 
The services that we love the best is basic data transfer & data back up, computer setup, computer tune-up, virus removal, and 1 year of internet security software are all included with Total Tech Support membership. This is also helpful for people who are not very computer literate and even older people who need their computers. 
Additionally, going along with computer service, we also love the connected home service. The Geek Squad provides Wi-Fi setup, voice assistant setup, Wi-Fi camera install, smart lighting setup and customization, smart doorbell install, and smart thermostat install all $49.99 each with Total Tech Support membership.
For more Geek Squad information visit

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