Widen your nets to spread your message

These past five days I was preoccupied about the way forward in my life and my business.  Are you thinking as I am thinking? That you need to widen your nets to spread your message to reach more people globally. My tools were sharpened these past five days as I listened to bright minds who spoke and demonstrated effective ways to succeed in reaching the global market. 
The natural beauty of the landscape of Lake Las Vegas Westin Resort was a testimony to how you can shine and celebrate your success as you grow in your spirit, body and mind.

Reach more by choice

What makes reaching the global market much easier is the concept of blogging. Do you have friends, family, colleagues, who ask you questions about one thing or the other? T
There's a way to help them and also help others. Are you looking for a freeing time and life this new year, you are not alone. I believe where there's a will, there's a way. 
I'm offering a free training every Monday 7 pm EST on how to use blogging to get you personal and business fulfillment to get you freedom and to never go back to a cage.

What kind of cage are you in?

There are many different kinds of cages.  You and I find ourselves in some cages by choice and many that we were just thrown into.  No matter who you are when you realize that you are in a cage, you will do whatever you can to get yourself out.  What kind of cage are you in?

My mother's cage

Hmmmm maybe you have not even realized it yet....You see I always remember the story my mother told me about her life.   She found herself in a cage.  The cage that was not of her choosing but through her family decision she had to live with a wicked rich woman.  She had to go through days of having to eat from rotten left over food, she had to work continuously from dawn to dusk with no hope of getting out of her predicament.  One day my mother decided to get out of her cage.  She decided to run away from the wicked rich woman who had loan money to her family.  She left exploitation, degradation and contempt to go into freedom and never to return to a life of bondage.

What is your bondage?

So what is your bondage?   Are you even aware that you are in a bondage?  Do you think you can get out of your bondage.  Your bondage could be physical, mental, emotional, financial or otherwise.

My bondage

For me my bondage was thinking that I could never leave the corporate world.  I thought I had to work till the age of 70.  Luckily I came to the realization that I could get out of my comfort zone which had become my bondage.  I could live free.  I am living free now traveling to see my family, my grandchildren anytime I want.  If you have told me two years ago that I could live a life of freedom, I would have told you that you surely did not know what you were talking about.

My friend's bondage

My friend Rosa was in bondage.  The bondage was her refusal to accept her gift of singing.  My friend can sing like a nightingale, but she would rather work in a bondage of corporate world than develop her talent and enjoy freedom.  My friend was always sick.  She was always complaining about the environment.  She would work everyday of the week and would go on weekends.  The strain was too much for the tiny little body of my friend.  One day after a long day at work she was rushed to the emergency room, because she was feeling dizzy.  My friend got better and it now dawns on her that she needs to think again about her bondage and if she wants to continue living in bondage. Thankfully she chose to go into a different kind of job-gradually moving towards her real talent-singing.

What is your cage?  Have you thought of freedom?


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