The way to becoming a happier and less stressed mom is a short one

You may become jealous of your friends that have the necessary time to read several books per month, who don’t feel overwhelmed by their lives and decisions. However, learning to take care of yourself, regardless of how overwhelming and unpredictable life as a busy mother might be, will contribute to the levels of satisfaction experienced. There are some simple strategies that will help you become a happier, relaxed mother and send the same good vibes to everyone around you. Below are some ways in which you can attain those high levels of relaxation and happiness you still dream about.


Take care of your physical and mental health

Being healthy both physically and mentally will definitely influence how happy and relaxed you’ll feel. A good exercise that will improve the both above is yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to find and explore the limited “me time” that you have and will contribute to finding that mindfulness that we all aim towards. Also, yoga is an incredible workout that burns plenty of calories. During a half-hour-long yoga workout, you will actually burn 120 kilocalories. The more you weight, the more calories you’ll burn. Double the time and you’ll burn twice as much. Being a highly soliciting workout, you will feel obligated to be mindful of what you’re eating. By being careful of what you eat, you will easily control your calorie intake and you will find that losing weight is a simple process. Your self-esteem will be boosted, you will feel more confident, happy and relaxed. And you will have all the needed energy to keep up with your energetic children, at the end of the day!

Plan a vacation

A team of researchers from the Netherlands have analysed how vacations influence the levels of happiness experienced by one. The study was published in the Journal “Applied Research in Quality of Life” and claimed that the simple act of planning a vacation will improve and boost happiness. So, even if you’re long before being able to hit the beach and sunbathe, it is still a great idea to start planning your vacation. The happiness effect is present starting by two months in advance, and you can prologue it by planning it step-by-step. Search for the perfect destination, search for accommodation, flight tickets and book those, make lists and think of the final outcome. This will make you a happier mother and a happier spouse.

Design an at-home relaxation corner

You might lack the time to hit the spa or massage therapy sessions frequently, but you could easily invest in remodelling your bathroom – for instance – and turning it into a relaxation oasis. Small changes such as installing some wall panels that resemble the appearance of bamboo, a vertical shower, essential oils and bath salts, these all will make you experience the time spent at home by yourself in a completely different fashion. By creating a spa-like interior design, you will have the opportunity of creating a “me corner”, space where you forget about your daily worries and boost the relaxation levels. You will shortly come to a conclusion that this will help you have a better relationship with your loved ones, become calmer and more patient.

Eat healthier food

Healthy eating promotes a series of good changes into one’s life. From a better health, to increased happiness, better sleep and higher relaxation levers, eating healthy, next to laughter, is the best medicine. Try to approach this in a simple and relaxed manner. Otherwise, you’ll end up stressing too much during the process and this is, obviously, counterproductive. Try to approach this by planning for an entire week your meals, as well as your family’s meals. Cook those in advance, as possible, as there are plenty of slow cooker recipes, which can be kept in the freezer for a week without any kind of issue. This will allow you become more relaxed and carefree, as you’ll have all the meals prepared in advance. So, besides installing those incredible interior wall panels, make sure to find other ways to relax in the comfort of your own home.


Small acts of kindness are due to boost our happiness levels. There are several scientific reasons for which you might want to help others. It has been proven that it can prologue your life, make you happy, alleviate chronic pain and bring other great benefits. Donate to a food bank, help some elders nearby and get involved in the local community. While many might think that this will make their lives even busier, as busy mothers, they bring, in fact, plenty of advantages.

These are some simple strategies you can apply for becoming a happier, more relaxed mother. Apply those and make sure to invest in self-care and love. It will make you live longer.

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