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I have always considered myself fortunate that my son was such an easy baby. He was a good eater, he was not really a crier and (most importantly to a new parent) he was a good sleeper. I wasn't sure how I ended up so lucky, but I definitely enjoyed it.

In fact, I've enjoyed every age my son has been (even ferocious three), and I've liked learning about all the different methods that parents come up with to help their children navigate the world (hence this blog). One of the most fascinating subjects to me is sleep - starting with sleep training methods in our infancy.

I think that sleep training falls into one of those weird categories for parents - things we didn't realize we had to teach someone. (Other items in this category include blowing your nose and how to work a toilet seat.) It just isn't on our radar - everything needs sleep and it doesn't ever occur to us that we need to teach someone to sleep on their own.

These days my family enjoys pretty uninterrupted sleep. While my son is still at the age where he has an occasional nightmare, he mostly sleeps at a regular schedule. I remind him that his schedule of sleep will be important for him to pay attention to throughout his life. I am not sure if that message sinks in, but one day (like all parents), he may learn not to take sleep for granted.

What did you find interesting about your child's journey toward a sleep schedule? Tell me in the comments.

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