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The Wort advice We've Heard About Women

Women: fickle, emotional, feisty, bitchy, bubbly, pushy, sassy, headstrong, hormonal, high-strung, ditzy, catty. These are just some of the words that are only used to describe women. Good or bad they are out there, and quite honestly if we as women want them gone, we have to work at it, not just complain about it. Most importantly we have to stop using them to describe one another.  I will say that it is unfair and downright rude being described as bitchy, I mean really the word is derived from the meaning of a female dog, it is one of my least favorite words. I find myself using this word quite often. I have even apologized to my significant other for being bitchy, which he accepts as if it is no problem that I was acting like a female dog, thankfully I don't urinate in the house. 

All of this got me thinking about how many times I am smothered with advice to not be like any of these words. Or just simply been given advice on How to be a Good Woman. Which, by the way, is quite redundant, as I am just trying to be a good Human Being

How to Date a Woman 

I found this little tidbit of info on AskMen; the article dubbed; Why Women Give bad Dating Advice. Trust in me when I say I believe in freedom of speech and that each person has a right to their opinion. So here is mine. The article starts off exclaiming that Women are notorious for not knowing what they want. Are we? This I am not sure of, ( do you see my play on words there ) but seriously folks. I don't believe it is just women that don't know what they want, this trait seems to be a bit more humanistic, than gender based. I could argue that Men seem just as confusing when it comes to dating, but alas this isn't a he said she said article. 

An excerpt from the article reads:
One popular female dating coach tells men to fill in any awkward si...
OK, player, is that what you think? This my friend is terrible advice. Here I go with my opinion again. Listen men, it is quite rare that any womans head is inflated by compliments and let's get right down to brass tacks here, there is no need to keep the upper hand in any relationship. We truly just wanted to be treated as your equal. 

Signs You are With The Guy You Should Marry

Sometimes the worst advice given to women is from women. Whether it be from cheesy dating sites or in this case Cosmo. Here is my problem with this shit, PS - there is no such thing as Prince Charming, and the sooner my daughter knows that, the better. You see, as a young girl, inundated with the belief that I was going to grow up, meet the man of my dreams and be swept off my feet. WRONG! I did meet the man of my dreams, but there was certainly no sweeping of feet. Am I in love? Hell yah. Is it hard? F#*k yah! There is no need to promote the perfect relationship because each Woman finds hers a little different than the next. In this Article, 18 Signs You're With the Man You Should Marry, we are feeding our young Women with the same Cinderella bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I believe in chivalrous acts but life isn't like that all the time, and it certainly isn't the only reason you should marry a man or Woman for that matter.
Even after years together he still does little chivalrous things fo...
I love that my guy open's the door for me, after 8 long years. I don't believe that is why I would marry him. There is so much more substance than just that. This type of advice can be quite damaging. We as Women need to realize that marriage is hard, it takes work and quite honestly it's ok if the guy you want to marry doesn't carry you down the block if your feet hurt. 

College Women: Stop Getting Drunk

Can I scream, please!!!!! This is just over the top for me, instead of the headline being College Men Stop Raping Girls, it reads College Women: Stop Getting Drunk!!! Are you F&*king kidding me? #RapeCultureIsWhen became a trending hashtag recently, and I believe it is due to this type of ideology.
Now, telling Women to not get drunk is not completely bad advice, but telling them to stop, so they don't get Raped is terrible advice! This article found at tackles a serious issue, but I believe ( and yes again, my opinion ) in all the wrong ways. In an excerpt from the Article College Women: Stop Getting Drunk we are told that if we render ourselves defenseless terrible things can happen to us.  
Let’s be totally clear: Perpetrators are the ones responsible for c...
We are going about it all wrong!!!! Rape is as old as dirt! Invented before College girls were getting drunk that I can promise you. We need to change the way we see Rape. I recently wrote an article regarding Bill Cosby and the Allegations against him. In that article I explain the fear Women have coming forward when Raped. You can find it here Bill Cosby - My Take. So instead of asking Women to stop being vulnerable shouldn't we be writing articles asking men to stop raping? I dunno but that seems much more logical to me. 

Dumb It Down

Just so you know that I am not (always) taking myself too seriously, I found this last piece of advice quite funny actually. It comes from a book written in 1959, not that long ago if you think about how far we have come ladies. The Title of the Book: She-Manners: The Teen Girl's Book of Etiquette, 1959, by Robert H. Loeb Jr. has some extremely old school ideas. 
"To make him feel important, you have to forget your desires for importance. Compliment him on his physical prowess, his mental acumen, his good looks, his virility. The worst mistake a girl can make is to make a man feel intellectually inferior or inadequate as a male. We men need a lot of reassurances. So lay it on thick but subtly. Stroke his ego. Let him think he's king much of the time. He will love you for it, and, you know, it will make you feel extremely feminine." 
The Book, still available on Amazon, has much more advice, if you are interested in taking some. 

How Not to Be a Bitch - Ten Easy Steps

Don't we all need to know how not to be a bitch? Of course, we do, and thank you for your kind advice Return of Queens, we really do appreciate it! Please note the verbal irony. This website's tagline reads Raising awareness of Antifeminism. Cool, you are entitled to your opinion. But please be aware that these so called 10 Easy steps have are wasted on us. Myself at least! The article posted How not to be a Bitch - Ten Easy Steps has some good advice regarding not engaging in a fight or argument, but I believe it is unfair that is geared just towards Women. Most of these steps could be used whether you are a man or women. Maybe the articles headline could have been How not to start an Argument with your Partner - 10 Easy steps. 

Step 3 Reads:

Be mindful of your facial expressions
I don’t know any man who wants to come home to THAT!

I don't mind my facial expressions whatsoever and I am not sorry that they bother you. This advice, I find ludacris and quite hard to believe that in this day and age I am still finding articles written in this way. Thank you, but I will kindly decline your advice on How not to be a Bitch! 

As Women we are often told that we are being "too much". Too much of what I ask? Too much Woman, too much fun, too masculine, too pretty? The worst part is that this advice is not just given to us by 
Men, but by our lady counterparts. I just want you to know, you as a Woman can never be too much Woman in my eyes. 

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