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Thick Eyelashes and Eyebrows: How to Get Them?

Many people who want to look their best know that they have to focus on certain areas of their face such as their eyebrows and eyelashes. These two parts of a person's physical appearance is important because they can significantly alter a person's overall look. Eyelashes and eyebrows can be made to look thick and full with these proven steps.

The Right Diet is the Foundation of Good Hair Growth

People cannot overlook the importance of consuming a healthy diet when they want to look their. Good nutrition is essential for developing the body and for maintaining a healthy appearance. It is also important iGrow for hair growth. Protein is essential for the hair. Why? Because a person's hair is primarily made up of protein. People who do not eat enough protein over an extended period of time will tend to lose their lashes and have thin brows. This is because their available protein supply will be distributed to their vital organs first, with the remainder being sent the brow and lashes. Ultimately, a person will need to eat a well balanced diet to maintain good health and to develop a good set of lashes and brows.

The Biotin Factor

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that is commonly used for growing eyelash and eyebrows. This vitamin is one of the best type in the B class that is important for growing hair. Vitamins A and C can also be used for growing hair since they help to improve blood and oxygen circulation within the body. Biotin can be purchased at a pharmacy or health store.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serums

An eyelash and eyebrow growth serum are available for growing thick hair in these areas of the body. They are primarily used by people when they start to age. Since people lose hair on their body as they mature the serum will help to replace this hair loss. A person does not have to be "older" to use a growth serum for their lashes and brows.

Moisturize Lashes

Moisturizing the hair helps to stimulate growth. Products such as castor oil and petroleum jelly are two great lubricants that can be used for this purpose. A person should use a mascara brush when they apply this product to their brows and lashes. People should lubricate their lashes at least 3 times a week to obtain the best results. They should also lubricate their lashes right before bed.

Remove Makeup Right before Bed

People should remove their makeup right before they go to bed. A person that wears makeup should do their best to avoid keeping this substance on their face all night long. Most makeup will prevent eyelashes and eyebrows from growing because the substance has a tendency to smother hair follicles. A person should use a good oil based makeup remover. This remover should be able to wipe off makeup and without a person having to perform a rubbing or ripping action on their faces.

Give your Brows and Lashes some Time Off

Many females are used to wearing makeup everyday and while there is nothing necessarily wrong with this activity; sometimes it can be a bit too much. Every now and then a woman should be comfortable enough with themselves to go without makeup for at least a few days out of the week. The reason is because makeup has the tendency to cake up and suffocate the hair follicles and skin. This will slow growth and clog pores even if a person cleans of their cosmetics on a daily basis.

Brush your Eyelashes and Eyebrows

A person should brush their eyelashes at least once every two or three days. Brushing lashes and brows will remove dirt and stimulate growth. People should not brush their lashes everyday otherwise they might over stimulate their follicles and cause their lash and brow hair to fall out.

Massage Eyelids and Eyebrows

Massaging the eyelids and eyebrows are a great way to stimulate hair growth. When a person receives a message in these parts of their faces they will help to improve circulation and blood flow. This will trigger hair growth in the eyes and brows. People can have a massage therapist perform this activity or they can do it on their own.

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