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Your Way or the Highway: Five Solutions for Dealing with Road Rage

We’ve all been there: it’s been a long work week and the rush-hour traffic is worse than usual. You want nothing more than to get home, kick off the heels, take off the bra, pour…

Top 4 Autism Therapies

Unfortunately, there is no cure for autism. However, early intervention has proven to reduce symptoms, improve cognitive ability and daily living skills, and maximize the ability of your child to participate and function in a…

Supporting Yourself And Your Family Following A Personal Injury

The number of preventable deaths owing to personal injuries has risen exponentially over the past few years. There are …


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** I am an extremely underpaid entertainment coordinator.

** Nobody wins when Mama oversleeps on a school day.

** You really can't watch the Magic Mike XXL trailer too many times.

** The quickest way for me to fall asleep is to crawl in bed with a book.

** I've read the exact same sentence on the exact same page of my book 52 different times.

** Evidently EVERYONE thinks they have the right of way.

** Privacy might be an even bigger problem if the doorknob to your bathroom comes off.

** Nothing says SEXY like a puberty-sized zit on your adult-sized chin.

** Just because it says that it's an "express" lane does not mean that it is.

** Not all airline employees are a-holes.

** I could make out with a vat of Vaseline and STILL have chapped lips.

** Despite what I might think, God does not give me more than I can handle.



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