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** If I'm in the woods today, I need to avoid men wearing hockey masks.

** Listening to an eleven year old sing in the shower is nothing short of AWESOME.

** A kid kicking the back of your seat for 3+ hours on a plane is a true test of one's patience.

** Holding my breath for a good Valentine's gift would only leave me blue in the face.

** It's all fun and games till you find an ant party in your powder room.

** Hiking is good for the soul.  (And for the buns.)

** You just can't reason with crazy no matter how hard you try.

** Good hair days are so few and so far between.

** The Victoria's Secret swimsuit issue does NOT make me excited about squeezing into a spring break bikini in the near distant future.

** My son might very well be the KING of photobombing.

** "Save the drama for your mama" seems to be a running theme around here.

** The current sixth grade homework would give even Einstein a run for his money.

** Despite what I might think, God does not give me more than I can handle.



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