Things To Remember When You're Waking Up For A 7 AM Weight Training Session

I'm a big fan of weight training. It's been my go-to for years, giving me the best shape of all the exercises I've tried. But one strange thing that drives me crazy is waking up early to get some extra workouts! Here are tips for getting back on track after an extended break from exercise:

Make sure you're eating the right foods.

When you wake up for your fitness routine, there's a lot to consider. It’s important to ensure that you eat the right foods before bed and what kind of food should be consumed after waking up.

Many factors influence our appetite and digestion during the day, but one thing is constant: we need food!

So if you don’t have enough calories or nutrients in your system by midnight, chances are your body won't feel satisfied with what it receives from the food on its plate at 7 AM (especially if it's just cereal). That being said, some things can help ensure that those nutrients reach your muscles instead of being stored as fat on top of them:

  • Eat a balanced meal before going to bed - This means including protein at every meal and avoiding carbohydrates like bread/pasta/rice etc., which will only give rise to insulin spikes later in the day when working out hard! This also means eating more often throughout the day. Hence, no time passes without getting enough fuel into those hungry little legs and arms just waiting patiently inside their warm sweaters, ready to go whenever called upon because guess what? They're not going anywhere until they find out where their next meal is coming from too! Don't forget about fruits, though, because these contain lots upon tons.

Know your body's limits and capabilities.

  • Know your body's limits and capabilities.
  • This is a great way to avoid injury and ensure you get the most out of your training sessions. If you're unsure if a particular exercise can be performed safely, ask someone with more experience with weightlifting than yourself—they'll likely have some advice for you!

Make sure your metabolism is already in gear.

Get a good night's sleep, and don't oversleep! If you're an early bird, wake up early (7 AM) to work out before work or school starts; this will give your body enough time to get blood flowing and ready for a solid workout session. If you're an evening person, try setting aside some time each day (or week) just for working out at night before bedtime—but don't overdo it so much that it affects your quality of life or gets too stressful on yourself! You can even use these extra minutes during the week as an opportunity to squeeze in some yoga classes or meditation sessions while everyone else is sleeping soundly through the night.

Apart from this, supplements can even help in boosting your metabolism


Remember that everything from the food you eat, to your sleep schedule, to your overall health will affect how well you can perform at this time of day. If you’re new to weight training and want more information about the process before jumping in head first (which is always recommended!), check out our other articles on how to start doing cardio with weights or even just get started with an easy bodyweight workout routine!





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