Things You Should Do to Raise a Smart Toddler

Parents leave no stone turned to ensure their child is raised well. Starting from their birth to their higher education, parents are relentlessly working at helping their children learn, experience and, work at becoming successful in their lives. While there is no calculated move to becoming successful, but by creating a smart environment for them to grow, at an early age can work wonders. Especially toddlers, who are full of energy, and are at the peak of learning and receiving information. Creating an environment which aids in their learning and education from the beginning can help in the cognitive, social and emotional development of the child. 

Let us in this article understand the different methods that can lay the foundation of learning and help raise a smart toddler. 

Communication And Learning

Children have the capacity to learn new words faster as they know about 75-100 words by the age of two. Studies show that children who have access and exposure to language at an early age will have the advantage of being socially and educationally driven. Reading to your toddler is on the best exercise to teach them new words. While talking to them can make the language familiar with pronunciations and emotions. However, it is advisable not to show television as the language is too fast for their gauging and understanding. 

In this way, if a child has reading troubles it can be fixed before the child gets into school. Children to be able to read or talk independently need the backing of a large vocabulary around them and phonemic awareness. This can be achieved by actively reading out loud to them. Include them in the reading process to teach and encourage them to independently use those words. Besides this just talk to your children about the different things in their environment, narrating incidents, etc. make them aware of the different words, usage as well as the fluency in communicating back.     

Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills

Brain development of a child is not just accelerated by the abilities to read and speak. It is very important to nurture their emotional intelligence. According to studies, if a child is thought how to understand and learn emotional cues will have the ability to know how to react to a situation, rationally. For instance, if they are playing with friends and something happens by accident, let them know it is an accident and not done intentionally. This will help them stir clear from life’s situations and make better judgments in handling them and will be academically, emotionally and cognitively be very successful. Hence it is very important to have a positive environment at home and parents should set great examples for the kids with their approach to life situations. 

According to What To Expect, “Empathy is what allows us to understand others’ feelings and be sensitive to them. Compassion goes one step further — not just understanding those emotions but acting on them: How can I help? Pretty big stuff for little kids, and yet they can and do start to learn these skills before they can even tie their shoes.” The first step towards all of this is by maintaining a very healthy relationship with your child. Talk to them, listen to them and be there for them when they need you. Apart from this appreciate all the right things they do to help them connect with those actions on a deeper level. Always tell them what is not right, as you will be their greatest critic. However, choose ways to convey their wrong deeds, as that will open them to learning. Hitting and punishing will make the process negative and unwanted for the child. 

Nurture Their Creativity

Create an environment that is stimulating to your child. Instead of creating high-end nurseries for them with zillion toys and game options available in the market. Choose activity options that induce their creativity and imagination. For instance, give them a sketching book and colors for them to doodle away. Their curiosity and inspirations from the environment will help them express themselves, which is a great activity for children. This will boost their self-confidence at the same time raise curiosity to know more about their surroundings. Games like construction and building toys are good activities for toddlers as it teaches them to create things while honing their motor skills. 

Children should be raised with growth approach, let’s them discover new ways to do things, have the innate urge to know more and achieve more. Help them deal with success and failures in a non-committal way. Praise their efforts rather than praising them. This will ascertain your child is a lifelong learner with a positive approach to work and people and the environment around them. 

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