Things You Should Know to Stop Your Rabbit from Digging the Carpet


If you like rabbits and you also like carpets; chances are you both have them at home.  You may also have a problem on how you can make your rabbit stop digging the carpet.  Digging is a behavior that rabbits are known for.  To keep your rabbit from digging and doing such behavior, you have to give him something that is just okay to dig and make sure that he understood that the carpet is off-limit. 

Give Your Rabbit anotherObject That He Can Dig Into

Digging is an innate nature of rabbits, so you can just give him an alternative to carpet that he can freely dig.  You can make a digging box from a big cardboard box.  What you can do is to make a hole, so that your rabbit can get inside the box.  Then put some layer of hay or shredded paper.  It may probably look like a mess but he will enjoy digging it.  You can even add some treats or put his favorite toy to make it more fun for him.  Instead of using shredded paper, you can also purchase sisal mats or untreated grass so you urge your pet to really dig. 

Make Your Home Rabbit-Proof

Put some protection in places where you don’t want your rabbit to dig like under doors and the corner of the walls.  You can place plastic floor mats, plexiglass, heavy mats, grass mats, linoleum or you can also put a heavy furniture to block the areas that he usually dig.  Don’t let your rabbit run free in the house, trained him first not to dig to places he is not allowed to.  Rabbit-proof a small area wherein you can train him easily, before you let him run free.  For more info about rabbit-proofing go to 

Do a Close Supervision

The rabbit doesn’t know that he is not allowed to dig that area, so you really have to train him.  Watch your pet closely during playtime.  It is very important that you begin the training, as soon as you bring him home so you can avoid any bad behavior from the start.  Once your rabbit tries to dig where he is not allowed to, you can just calmly say no, stomp your foot or clap your hands, to get his attention.  Then slowly place him to his digging box, so he’ll know where the right place to dig. 

Be Patient with Your Pet

It usually takes time before your rabbit would get the message, so be very patient but make sure you are consistent.  Do not hurt your pet, if he can’t get what you want him to do.  You can just place him inside the cage for a few minutes to serve as their “time-out.”  Another option is an exercise pen.  You can put a linoleum sheet to protect the area, so in this way, the floor will be protected during your playtime.  You will see that as the rabbit gets older, it will lessen its digging.  You will be able to trust your pet more.For more info about rabbit-proofing.


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