I was talking to my son about puberty. As I explained that his body would be going through a lot of changes, I included that he would probably want to sleep and eat more, too. He asked a few questions and went on his merry way, but I kept thinking about the conversation. Especially what his growing appetite would look like.

I thought back to my older brother and his friends being over at our house and the amounts of food they would consume. I remember learning quickly that I had to serve myself first or there definitely would not be anything left for me eat. And while I am sure that my appetite changed during my teenage years, too, I remember them as being hungry all the time.

Turns out that there may be some truth to those memories: Teenagers are always thinking about food. The study on the link was done by a frozen snack company, so the results are questionable, however, it is probably a good reminder to all parents who do not have teens in the house yet: Your grocery bill is going to increase; your child is going to snub what you made for dinner in favor of their own tastes; you will get through it.

Part of me reads all this and wonders if I would ever be ready to support my son's transition from child to tween to teen. Part of me is happy that I have my son help out with the meals in our household now - I think that will eventually make life easier for the both of us.

What does your teen love to snack on? Tell me in the comments.

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