This, in lieu of a mudroom [Alternate title: How to scare off a producer at The Nate Berkus Show]

Ben and I spent a good chunk of our weekend purchasing storage containers and dumping the contents of our bedroom closets into the center of the room. You guys, our marriage? What can I say? David Copperfield called, and he wants his magic back.

I also cleaned and organized Whitney and Heidi’s room. I placed four Rubbermaid bins outside their door and labeled them: Keep, Donate, Toss, and Send Out for Bio-Hazard Testing. At one point, Whitney wandered in to check on my progress and noticed I’d thrown out a coupon flyer she’d swiped from the kitchen. She attempted a valiant rescue and recovery effort of that piece of junk mail, until I stepped in and threatened to eat all her chewable vitamins if she didn’t drop the piece of garbage! Then, I mumbled to myself, “She’s like a hoarder in here!” As she turned to leave, I heard her, like a crazy-hoarder-woman intent on keeping her cats’ empty litter bags, mumble back, “I’m NOT like a hoarder in HERE!”...Continue Reading

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