This Is How I Found out I Had Hemorrhoids

For as long as I can remember, I never had regular bowel movements, although, in my younger days it never caused any problems or even made me feel uncomfortable. However, as I got older, got married and had kids, certain symptoms started to bother me.


These included things such as:

Bowel movements that became painful,

Sometimes there would be blood after I wipe myself,

Pain and irritation surrounding my anus, which was extremely itchy,

As well as painful, itchy, parts of the skin that seemed to swell or make lumps close to my anus.

Someone suggested it may be hemorrhoids, and although it’s painful, it won’t be life-threatening. On the plus side, it’s possible that these can heal on its own without treatment. I realized that it’s important to do some research about hemorrhoids, just to be at ease with it.

This was when I discover the following information that helped me a lot:

Hemorrhoids might not always cause pain to everyone

Sometime, things might go extremely wrong and it could cause the ordinary tissues of the anal to protrude. This is a very painful experience, plus, it would also be itchy. The common culprits in such a case typically are the pressure on your abdomen. Now, this could be caused by straining due to chronic constipation, pregnancy, extra belly weight, as well as long hours of sitting in front a computer or a job that requires long hours of sitting.

Thus, all these pressures might be the reason for tissues that weakens and stretches out as time goes by. It could eventually lead to the blood vessels within your hemorrhoids to start dilating. Consequently, extra blood floods the area that can cause your hemorrhoids to swell and could lead to potential bleeding.

I have such a stationary job and have been battling basically all my life with constipation, thus, things were starting to make sense to me. Yet, I needed to know more, so, here we go.

Hemorrhoids normally appear in two different types

These hemorrhoids may either be external or internal. So, with hemorrhoids that develop externally, it means they can appear at the opening of your anal covered under the skin. Due to this fact they would also contain nerves, meaning that they usually present you with certain sensations, such as burning, pain, and itching.

Hemorrhoids found internally would reside within your anal canal. Therefore, these won’t be visible, plus they may not really cause any symptoms except for bleeding. Nonetheless, if it becomes severe, they might prolapse and push to the outside of your anus.

Having hemorrhoids doesn’t mean that you may skip contacting the doctor

Many times people think if they experience problems with their butt, that it probably is hemorrhoids and may simply get over-the-counter treatments to reduce their pain. However, it shouldn’t be dismissed that easily, delaying to see your doctor, especially when it’s hemorrhoids that are internal and you are experiencing blood coming out.

Sometimes this may indicate a problem that could be more serious, like colorectal cancer, or when symptoms linger, it may be actually be caused by warts or fissures which will need treatments that are different.

Ways to avoid or prevent developing hemorrhoids

It’s very important to look at your diet and consume enough fiber to keep your bowel movements regular, as well as soft.

Some sources of food that contain fiber may include:

Legumes, like baked beans, lima beans, black beans, lentils, and split peas.

Fruits, like bananas, apples, pears, and raspberries.

Vegetables, like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, green peas, and artichokes.

Whole grains, like brown rice, oatmeal, bran flakes, and barley.

Ensure that you take in sufficient amounts of water daily with regular and enough exercises as it can also benefit you.

Additionally, it’s also vital to relieve your stomach when it’s necessary without any delay. Plus, avoid turning your bathroom into a relaxing room with reading, using your cell phone or just sitting on the throne for a long time as the pressure can aggravate your hemorrhoids. It’s very important to avoid any straining with bowel movements. See your doctor when you are unsure and get the right treatment for you.

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