This is how My Story For You App is changing the memoir writing.

A great storyteller can change the world. Having a great story is one thing but learning how to tell it is the art that you need to master. Learning from other people experiences can greatly help people live more at peace and better connected.

Gone are the days where you had to g through so much struggle before coming up with your story. Technology has brought about easier ways of putting your memoir in an interesting and readable manner. My Story For You App is one of the most recommended ways of writing your memoir in a simple way, yet covering anything and everything that you may need to be covered.

Why should you settle for My Story App?

Unlike normal storytelling, My Story For You App ensures that everything is covered in your story by using an interactive and/or interview style of getting the details of one’s lifestyle as well as experiences. From this interview, your autobiography is automatically written producing an ebook.

In addition to this ebook, My Story App gives you the privilege to get a soft back copy which can be ordered through the booking binding and finishing partner. This comes at a different fee. Basically, the main intention for My Story App is to provide the user with a legacy that can be shared from one generation to another.

Now you need not to have a high profile in your society to have your autobiography written or pay ghostwriters, who will charge you huge sums of money. With My Story App, you can easily write your biography in a very cost-effective manner. This app is designed to capture an individual’s journey in life.

How My Story App Works.

This app makes it easy for anyone to record their life story. It uses the speech recognition technology which allows the user to curate their important information. For instance, their interviews about their life history, family childhood, career, beliefs, interests as well as any other information that the user may want to share.

Once you share this information, it is compiled and the app identifies and captures keywords, central and repetitive themes and topics. The good thing about this app is that it has a manual concept that allows users to record any relevant information.

Benefits of using My Story App.

There are many benefits of using this app. For instance,

a. It provides a great platform for the preservation of the family heritage.

b. It serves as a unique legacy gift for family members and loved ones.

c. It offers self-publishing advantage.

With the above benefits and many others that you can learn from My Story For You App, it is a great tool to invest in pursuit of easily writing your memoir.

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