This is what happens when you send Superdad to Walmart for undies (o:

Super Noah needed some new undies, so undies landed on our shopping list. For the past couple of weeks something nasty has been making its rounds in my house. At this point everyone {- Superdad} has had the nasty (hence the limited amount of blog posts).

A few days ago I sent Superdad with a list to Walmart. I promise that before Superdad went to Walmart I gave him very specific undie instructions. Super Noah fits into 4T toddler size undies & would fit into a size 4 or XS in big boy size undies. I did not care what characters Superdad bought, I knew he would enjoy picking out some cool Hot Wheel or Transformer themed undies (& I was right).

When Superdad returned he informed me that he bought big boy size 6 undies & not just one package, but several. Before I could do anything about it, Super Noah had already ripped open all of the packages (like it was Christmas). I still don't understand how Superdad could have thought Super Noah is a size 6 in big boy undies???

Anyway, Super Noah is now wearing HUGE baggy size 6 big boy undies. I cannot image that they are comfy, but he refuses to wear any of his older, smaller undies. He actually asks for 'the big ones.'

I am glad that I did not send Superdad to Walmart to pick me up some undies ...

Life As Supermom ~

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