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This Mother's Day, Architect & Mom Launches First Ever Planner & Organizer Specifically for Busy Mothers

When a notoriously busy, overwhelmed yet strikingly ambitious mom decides to take matters into her own hands, this is what you get. A thoroughly thought out Mom Planner which helps streamline the busiest of moms' day-to-day activities.

This exquisite mom planner is helping busy moms everywhere. A sanity-saving guide to overcoming and creating a life with purpose, and to do it with panache.

This Mother's Day here’s to all the amazing women out there breaking paths and glass ceilings everywhere. And to do this while also being mothers goes to show how 'overachieving' is just a way of life for women!

Architect and Mom, everyday life has been a blurry whirlwind for Shobi from the moment she became a mother.

As the chaos of mundane everyday chores became too overwhelming, she desperately looked for a better way to organize her day and life; lest she put her children in the dryer, and send her laundry to school.

There’s a plethora of digital apps and tools out there, but nothing is as magical as actually physically putting pen to paper. While she searched and scoured the web for the ideal planner & organizer, she was never satisfied as she couldn’t find one that had everything she wanted.

Some were good for daily, weekly and monthly planning, some were great for meals and housekeeping, and some others for budget planning. There was no place where she could set her targets and organize her goals, make meal plans, as well as set and track finances all in one place and in a really easy to use seamless format.

“I haven’t had a hot cup of tea in 4 years.”, says the founder of Mother Woman Planner, Sobitha Ravichandran. “I know what it’s like to feel when life is spinning out of control, trying to balance work, family life, run a business, make social engagements- all while trying to create lasting memories.

So I created Mother Woman PlannerTM; aimed at every busy mom to encourage women to shoot for the stars, break up large goals into bite-sized chunks, motivate moms to take action and live out the life of their dreams, and to do it all with ease and style”.

Mother Woman Planner is now available to purchase on the Website, Amazon & Etsy Store, with free delivery to US and UK. With the coupon code “March10”, customers can avail an additional 10% discount on the website on planners until 31st March (British Mothers’ Day).

Testimonial from a happy customer:

“I really love this planner! It looked amazing in the product listing, but when I could actually touch it, I was speechless: it is elegant and well-finished! Every detail is perfect, and there are many pages that inspire me to just sit down and write, to think about my goals, my intentions, together with the very practical things that make up our everyday life. I love this balance of worldly and moral/emotional sides, which is just how we are! Thanks a lot for having the idea to create such a cute & useful tool. I will use it with pride and will be a good idea for many friends' birthdays (as it has no month written, it can be given any day of the year).” – Silvia Del Corso 

To learn more about this disruptive mom planner, to book an interview, or to discuss the genius of one-pot meals, contact Shobi directly at +44(0)7414560059 or email, or visit the website at

About Shobi:

Shobi grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and completed her master’s degree from the Architectural Association, London. Currently based in London as a Senior Architect & Researcher at one of the top architecture firms in the world, and a mum of two, she balances her business, a full-time job, kids and an ongoing PhD in Architecture.

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