You're never truly free as a woman, especially as a mother. Whether a working mom or a stay-at-home-wife, you will always be kept busy with responsibilities, i.e., doing dual shifts; managing your job and your family. Hence, the phrase "busy mom." 

One still needs to prepare meals for her family and oneself after working all day. But juggling motherhood and work may be difficult. Although it may seem like an impossible feat, mothers aren't called superheroes for no reason. Even the busiest of mothers may prepare some delectable meals quickly and simply with the help of these few suggestions. 

Cooking Methods to Save-time

1) Grocery Shopping

When we refer to grocery shopping, we mostly imply monthly shopping. Make a list of everything you need, such as vegetables, rice, pasta, canned goods, frozen items, etc. You won't waste time running to the grocery shop all the time if you have everything you need in your kitchen.

2) Prep Ahead

There are many things busy moms can do to ensure that their time is saved. A few stuff busy moms can do is:

  • After your weekly shopping is complete, chop the veggies and freeze them so you won't have to spend time preparing them when you're cooking; for example, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, etc. 
  • Furthermore, moms can place cooked chicken breasts that have been shredded or chopped into plastic bags and freeze them. That way, it will be time-saving when you cook chicken sandwiches, pasta, stir fry, and any other dish which contains chicken.
  • If you're a busy mom, it will take a lot of time to prepare a dish with meat that has to marinate. There is an easy fix for it. Put your meat in a mixture with marinades, seasonings, or sauces and freeze it in portions suitable for a meal.

According to experts of Palm Springs Palate, luxury dining should always be your goal. With precise attention to detail and some food preparations beforehand, housewives can be a professional chef!  

3) Do Not Throw Away Leftovers

Leftovers can be a busy mom's time-saving machine! When you have leftovers, don't toss them away. Instead, you can create new dishes with them. For example, Are there some leftover prawns from last night's dinner? Take them out and make yourself a prawn salad, or you can cook some finger-licking prawn spaghetti. 

Moreover, you can use leftover stock, such as chicken stock, beef stock, or even red wine stock. Freeze the stock in ice cubes and when they've frozen, put them in their respective bags and label them. These stock cubes can be utilized in recipes that call for small amounts of stock or for taste. 

4) Prepare Two Times as Much Food

There may come a time when your responsibility will get doubled, and what should a busy mom do in that situation? Double the amount of food she will cook. Preparing two times as much food will save you a lot of time because you're preparing meals for the future in advance. Cooking double the same thing won't take extra time, but it will surely take the burden of cooking for night's dinner out of busy moms; you can take a week off from preparing meals and have some alone time!

If you're cooking spaghetti, mac n cheese, shepherd's pie, lasagna, sandwiches, roast, or whatever you like, you may double them. And if there are any leftovers, you can always eat them the next day! A few tasty items can also be doubled, in addition. While baking cookies or muffins, double the dough mix and freeze the extra. As a result, if you have a sweet craving, you may bake it again later for the same flavor as when it's fresh from the oven.

5) Freeze Your Meals

There is nothing better than meal freezing when it comes to time-saving cooking strategies for mothers who are busy. You can take them out of the fridge, heat them, and serve them to your family. In addition to being a great way to save time and money, your health will benefit from freezing your meals.


We know you're busy, and we also know even in your busy schedules, your mind always goes toward your family. But, relax, it is not a competition where you have to present the finest dish. Have a Taco Tuesday, Whatever Wednesday, and healthy takeout for Sunday.

Thank you for reading!

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