Our house is an old colonial home with a courtyard in the middle of the
living room. So we basically have a garden in the middle of our living
room with a giant hole in the ceiling. It's a little odd to imagine
having a hole in your house but it never gets cold here so that's not an
issue and it's rather fun to be able to see the stars at night from
your couch! They call it "indoor outdoor living" whatever that means.
Around the courtyard is a gutter with a grate on top of it so when it
rains all the water drains in there and out to the street.

The other day it was raining and the girls were holding cups and trying
to catch the rain water when Ashlyn said "Mommy, a turtle!" I came over
to see and there was a tiny, baby turtle just sitting in the gutter. He
must have been living in the drainage pipes out to the street and the
rain washed him up. This made me think of "Teenage Muntant Ninja
Turtles" the movie and how they live in the sewers under the roads.
Unfortunately he did not have a bandanna on or know Kung Fu. In fact he
looks just the opposite, he sags a little to the left and his head looks
abnormally big compared to his body. Regardless of genetic defects we
love him just the same and gave him a proper home in our courtyard
fountain. He seems happy enough for now swimming in circles and hiding
under rocks. We named him "Tortuga" which is Spanish for turtle
(original I know).

I didn't take a picture of Tortuga because my camera is packed up in a
box somewhere ready for our move on Sunday...yes we are moving! But
perhaps that is what the next blog will be about. ;)
Instead I found an older picture of my girls trying to catch the rain water so you can see what I'm talking about.

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