Tip #27 Sometimes You Just Have to Roll Your Sleeves Up

It's just after lunch. Gilly is watching a movie, Maddy is in her bed napping and I am folding laundry quietly in the basement. Well, that is until I heard a toilet flush?

Since the movie watching was happening in my bedroom, I thought it was funny Gilly didn't just use the ensuite? I figured I should probably go up and just check in on them.

I tiptoed up the stairs so I wouldn't wake Maddy up, but to my surprise she was staring right back at me from the doorway of the bathroom... oh crap (pardon the pun)!

Immediately my mind starts running...A Barbie? Shopkins? Just please don't be something of mine! She obviously saw the fear in my eyes and stood smirking back at me, "I flush toilet!".

I cringed, but went in to look. Despite the time it took me to walk up from the basement, the toilet was still running and the water was not going down, at all! I wasn't sure I wanted to know, but asked anyway. "A wipe", she replied. I turned the water off and swirled the cleaning brush around a few times. There it was, the faint corner of a baby wipe!

Well it's just us girls home this afternoon so calling James in to deal with this "blue job" is not an option. Instead, I roll up the sleeve of my blue sweater and before I know it, I'm ringing the water out of the wipes and tossing them in the can. Garbage can that is!

Problem solved, so excuse me while I go to soak my arm in some Lysol! Oh, and to put the panel back on Maddy's bed turning it back into a crib.

Surviving motherhood, gracefully!

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