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Tips For Finding A Suitable Job For Moms Returning To Work

Most 21st-century mothers have at one time had to make a decision that would permanently impact her career and her family routine. After the maternity hiatus, the choice of returning to the workforce becomes more complex with so many moving parts to juggle; children. Apart from that basic hurdle, there are a number of situations that make landing a job an uphill battle in what many have dubbed, the fifth trimester.

A resume break in a mother’s portfolio is not a downside with the correct tools. Women have long excelled in human resource, sales, law, education and online marketing. It is prudent to narrow down one’s passions, update the CV and maintain formidable professional connections to land an exciting new job. The base factor is defining the best working hours to marry your needs with the employer's amicably.

Seasonal work

These jobs allow one to map out their areas of strength and pick a convenient job post. They may include voluntary work.

Part time work

A flexible company can allow one to work a minimum of five hours a week up to 30 hours. These vacancies suit a mother with toddlers and looking to spend more time at home. 

Remote jobs

Working as a company agent from home not only eliminates the extra time spent at work, it minimizes costs of hiring a nanny and commute. 

Full time work

It is possible to jumpstart a dormant career or set out a new path with the right information and qualifications.

Careers that suitably fit a mother returning to work


 This tenure is the most flexible as it allows one to work part time as a contractor with a company. A refined freelancer can earn up to $100,000 annually working from home. Jobs include working as a virtual assistant, writing, bookkeeping, a project or graphic designing. 

Dental hygienist

 While this job may not have the option of leveling up, it is highly flexible and has an approximate annual income of $70,000. It requires a degree in dental hygiene that may be at an associate level.


 Flexing as a teacher and a mother is a no brainer because teachers have the same working hours as school hours. This allows for one to be fully present in the child’s life when she or he gets off school or the day care. Working as a substitute teacher amplifies the time available for kids who may not be pupils yet. 




Nurses have endless possibilities to customize their working hours. There are options of working in a hospital, house care or as a personal assistant for a private practice. The lowest nursing level career, Certified Nursing Assistant, only requires a semester of schooling. The registered nurse undertakes a two-year course while the nurse practitioner has a nursing degree of the highest level among the three. It is, therefore, possible to begin at the entrance level and climb up as the children become self-dependent. 


Staying at home becomes a plus when one opts to start out as an accountant. Managing a home requires an acute budgeting skill, negotiation skills, and project management skills. Accounting has a pool of options for mothers; working from home filing clients’ taxes or working full time in a company. It is possible to build up the career from the assistant’s level in the case of one not having an applicable bachelor’s degree. 

Despite the challenges that were predominantly felt during the mid-90s, administrations have begun realizing that mothers returning to work may have developed invaluable talents managing the home and a baby. Consequentially, these mothers stand a greater chance of landing a job when they emphasize these skills during the job hunting season and on interview.



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