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Tips for Staying Healthy as a Busy Momblogger

There are ways to create a balance between being a busy momblogger and keeping yourself healthy. Running on coffee to keep yourself alert to attend to every emergency that presents itself while completing your to-do list for the day isn't really a healthy option. Not only will you be more productive when you find that balance, but you also need it to keep your body in good form.

If you are a mom, your life tends to revolve around your children. If you are a momblogger, your whole life seems to be endlessly running in circles every day without a break until you drop. If this has been your life, you need to stop. This is because ignoring your own personal needs, especially your health, is not good for you or your kids either. It seems impossible to have "me-time" for yourself, but, with these tips, you can stay healthy and refreshed while still being an awesome mom.

Eat clean

It is your duty alone to provide your body with the nourishment it needs. This will keep you strong and in a good mood. Also, you are less likely to experience stress and anxiety because healthy food helps you sleep better at night. You will have a stronger immune system, which means you are less likely to fall ill no matter how much work you have on your hands.

What is eating right? This means eating fresh food. For everything on your menu, there is a healthier alternative. So, stay away from processed food, especially those with preservatives. Use more natural spices in your food. Craving some juice? Make it yourself instead of drinking bottled juice.

Exercise daily

Your exercise routine is as important as anything you have to do during the day. It is easy to forget it once something comes up. Schedule it first thing in the morning and follow it religiously until it becomes a habit. After clean eating, exercise is the best way to stay healthy, especially as a busy momblogger. Exercise is known to relieve the stress you might experience every now and then.

A simple 15-minute walk every day will work wonders, but you should also incorporate other workout routines into your day. You can make it more fun by taking your kids with you.

Get enough sleep

Sleep contributes a lot to our wellbeing. Not only does it help you stay healthy, it also improves your mood and makes you more creative. A mom who gets adequate sleep every day is less likely to fall into stress and anxiety than someone who doesn't sleep well. There is a difference between sleeping a lot and sleeping well. Make sure you are comfortable, and your room is well ventilated. If you must wake up early to attend to the needs of your kids, ensure you go to bed at least 30 minutes earlier than you are used to. It can make all the difference.

Stay properly hydrated

Water is important for healthy living, right next to good food and exercise. Ensure you have a bottle of water around you all the time and get at least 2 litres of water into your body every day. Start your day with a glass of water before you eat and stay away from sugary liquids as substitutes for water. If you find it difficult consuming the recommended amount of water per day, drink it cold. Cold water is considered easier to drink.

Snack smart

For most of us, snacking is an unavoidable part of our day. Those moments when we are hungry but it’s not a meal time, we turn to snacks. There are many different kinds, so it is easy to get our hands on them. However, most snacks are not good for healthy living. We tend to go overboard and the ones available are often processed. It us recommended you snack smart for your health. This means veggies, nuts, fruits and other natural and healthy snacks.

Make time for yourself

Self-care is essential for both a healthy body and mind. Even if it is for only 40 minutes, make the time to be alone and relax. You can read a book or run a bubble bath for yourself. If you have had a hectic day, an acupuncture session wouldn't be a bad idea to help you relax. If you are not well acquainted with the practice, there are articles on to help bring you up to speed on how much acupuncture can help you stay healthy as a busy momblogger.

Have a positive attitude

As a busy mom, a lot of people and things are going to disappoint you, ranging from the babysitter to the plumber. Even your kids will stress you out. But, at the end of the day, you hold the key to your happiness, which is essential for healthy living especially for someone who is always busy.

A healthy mind goes with a healthy body. Therefore, to stay healthy, ensure you have a positive attitude towards life and particularly your day-to-day life. Ward off negativity and turn it into positive thoughts. This way you can reach your full potential.

Plan your meals ahead of time

To stay healthy, you have to ward off stress as much as possible and take charge of your eating and sleeping routines. Good time management is key to achieving that and staying healthy. When you go through your day in chaos, you stress yourself more, even if you feel you are powering through it. What you should do is to get a day planner. There are a lot of mobile apps and techniques available for you to choose from. The most important thing is that you have one. Plan your meals and activities ahead of time; it will save you a lot of stress.

But, more than planning your day, you can also plan your health. Note down all your health goals and work towards them. It is easy to eat unhealthy food at unhealthy times of the day. It is easy to put off exercise and other health practices. What is difficult is maintaining your health. But, committing them to a plan and in your mind will help you stick to them. It will also help you prepare for any emergency that might knock you off your schedule.

Promote hygiene

Practice proper hygiene. This includes taking good care of your hair, nails, skin, hands, feet, and your entire body. Poor hygiene leads to all kinds of problems or skin deterioration. You are less likely to get wrinkles young when you practice proper hygiene. Get a deep tissue massage every now and then. While planning your week, also schedule in a manicure and pedicure session and also ask for a face mask. No one will take care of your body for you. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, ensure your environment and body are clean.


As moms, we tend to remember to take care of everyone else but ourselves. We forget that our bodies are like machines; they need taking care of. Staying healthy as a busy momblogger will help you become more creative and be a better mom. As busy as you are, take the time to look after yourself; eat right, exercise right, and think positive.

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