When I was little, I did my homework in several different places. I remember doing exercises in my Phonics workbook at our kitchen table when I was in elementary school. And there was the algebra homework I would try to complete in after school care in middle school. By high school, I did the majority of my homework in my room at my desk.

What I am saying is: Homework was a journey.

I know several children the same age as my son who go to schools that do not assign any homework. I really hope that my son never discovers this, as I am sure that he will instantly beg me to send him to one of those schools. While I try to tell him that doing homework now creates the habit he will need for tackling bigger projects later in life, I am positive that message isn't fully resonating with him.

Every day he begrudgingly does his homework. This is after a long list of complaints about it - including that it takes "forever" to do. It's no good pointing out to him that in the amount of time he has spent complaining about his homework, he could have completed it. But you know what might be useful?

A timer.

I am not sure why I haven't thought of that before, but maybe he needs a visual representation of how much time his school work actually takes. I am more than willing to try the timer trick listed on this article on homework help tips.

Every child is different - and that is definitely true about homework styles. As parents, we are just struggling to help our child find the right homework setup so he can be successful throughout his life.

Also: Sorry, Mom, if I was ever difficult about my homework!

What homework tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve? Please share them in the comments.

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